IF Fully Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine

Starview IF Fully Automatic Thermoform Packaging Machine

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Starview IF Fully Automatic Thermoform Packaging Machine

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Increase Thermoforming Production with Efficient Radiant Heat

Starview IF Series automatic vacuum formers are designed for medium to higher run thermoforming applications. The IF machines will form most common materials such as PVC, PET, Polystyrene, ABS, etc.

The IF Series is offered with a standard form area 25" x 40" as well as custom sizes to meet customer requirements. These machines can increase production up to 80% over typical single moveable oven type vacuum formers. Features such as plug/grid assist, male/female mold capability and inline preheat systems increase the versatility of this machine.

IF Series automatic vacuum formers can be equipped with optional features such as a sandwich (upper and lower) heater system operated dependently or independently above and below the film. Additional zones of heating may also be created for improved control of sheet heating.

Features of the IF Machine

Complete PLC machine control with touch screen operator interface
Fully automatic, roll fed with adjustable guillotine sheet cut-off
High efficiency radiant panel heating elements for maximum heat to film while conserving energy
Heater oven zoned for uniform heating of film
Single-stage inline heater oven to decrease cycle times
High powered cooling blower and water-cooled mold plate to reduce process time
Plug/Grid assist standard

Specifications of the IF Machine

Specifications IF-2540
Forming Area 25" x 40"
Roll or Sheet Fed Standard
Adjust Form Width Standard 25" down to 20"
Adjust Film Index Standard 40" down to 20"
Cooling Blowers Standard
Vacuum Pump Standard
Water Cooled Base Optional
Plug / Grid Assist Optional
>Upper / Lower Oven Optional
Avgerage Cycle Speed 1 - 8 CPM with upper oven
1 - 12 CPM with upper & lower oven
Maximum Form Height 4"
Approximate Size 226"W x 85"D x 85"H
Approximate Weight 4,500 lbs