Adco Carton Closers

With an extensive line of top load, tri-seal, and horizontal end load carton closers, Adco has a solution for packagers of any size operating in many markets. Adco carton closers are designed for flexibility, reliability, and ergonomic operation. Whether you need a low-speed, semi-automatic system, or a high-speed continuous motion closer, we have an Adco carton closer for you.

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Adco SLC High-Speed Inline Carton Closer

The compact, Adco SLC high-speed inline tri-seal carton closer handles a wide variety of cartons at speeds up to 200 per minute.

Adco RAC-120 Compact Right-Angle Carton Closer

The Adco RAC-120 high speed tri-seal carton closer with precision servo-powered 90-degree transfer can seal a wide variety of carton shapes and sizes at speeds up to 120 cycles per minute.

Adco 16B Tri-Seal Carton Closer

Featuring positive, continuous-motion lugged carton transfer design, the new Adco 16B closes tri-seal cartons at speeds up to 80 per minute.

Adco 18TS Inline Top-Seal Carton Closer

With a positive, continuous motion lugged carton transfer design, the Adco 18TS is a perfect solution for inline sealing of single flap top load, RSC, and tablock tuck cartons up to 60 per minute.

Adco ZTC-30 Tri-Seal Carton Closer

Maximum carton closing performance and reliability at an affordable price, the compact Adco ZTC-30 is designed to close oversize tri-seal cartons at speeds up to 30 cartons per minute.

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