Bartelt IMC Intermittent-Motion End Load Cartoner

Bartelt IMC Intermittent-Motion End Load Cartoner

At a Glance

  • Fast, reliable, full servo control cartoning
  • Multi-head rotary carton feeder, servo-driven product inserter and servo rotary flap tuckers
  • Open-frame clean design provides product visibility
  • Up to 120 cartons per minute
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Bartelt IMC Intermittent-Motion End Load Cartoner
Bartelt IMC Intermittent-Motion End Load Cartoner
Carton Example
Glued Flap Carton Example
Tuck End Carton Example
Gable Top Carton Example
Sleeve Carton Example
Fifth Panel Carton Example

Full Servo Control Carton Forming, Loading, Sealing

The Bartelt IMC servo driven horizontal, intermittent-motion cartoning system is ideal for cartoning food and consumer goods, as well as pharmaceuticals, tobacco and many other products.

A multi-head rotary carton feeder, servo-driven product inserter and servo rotary flap tuckers provide excellent control at rates up to 120 cycles per minute.

This heavy-duty cartoner stands out for its operational flexibility. This machine can run many different carton shapes, and a full range of product sizes – for bags, pouches, trays, flow-wraps, and a variety of loose or stacked products.

An open-frame design provides access for easy cleaning, and excellent product visibility.

Servo technology enables fast simple changeovers to adjust carton sizes as well as changing from flap gluing to flap tucking.

Features and Benefits

Modular stainless steel open frame design
Carton magazine to supply rotary feeder
Servo-driven, two-head rotary carton set up
Servo-driven product inserter
Product/carton tooling
No product/no carton, no carton/no load
Carton end flap detection for both minor and major
Air operated top rail
Servo rotary flap tuckers
Pneumatic Compression closure
Carton discharge
Low profile guarding system with safety interlocks doors
Rockwell motion control package
Rockwell color touch screen operating panel
All-servo design
Low maintenance
Modular – easy to upgrade
Speeds up to 120 cartons per minute, depending on machine pitch and application
Single-packs and multi-packs
Runs a variety of carton sizes and styles
Quick and repeatable size changeover
Ergonomically designed


Folded and pre-glued cartons are manually placed into the horizontal powered carton magazine
Carton blanks are intermittently removed from the bottom of the magazine using a servo driven two head rotary carton feeder featuring multiple vacuum cups mounted on spindles
The carton is placed in an open position between the carton transport lugs and transported to the product loading station
Photo eyes detect carton presence
Products previously placed into the buckets of the in-feed conveyor are side transferred into the carton by the intermittent motion product inserter
Transfer conveyor funnel provides the final positioning of the product during the loading stroke
After the product has been loaded into the carton, the carton is closed, (glue or tuck) and discharged


Carton coding –inkjet, laser, thermal transfer
Open flap detect
Product conditioner
Product transfer
Servo adjustable in-feed
Drop gate combiner
Integration of checkweigher
Integration of glue system


Home and personal care, for example: Soap, wet wipes, bandages, saline solutions etc.
Consumer goods
Tobacco products
Food products

Carton Sizes

Length Width Depth
Min 2"/ 51mm 0.625" / 16mm 3.25" / 83mm
Max 13.5"/ 343mm 6" / 152mm 12" / 305mm

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