Econoseal V-System Vertical Cartoner

Econoseal V-System Vertical Cartoner

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Econoseal V-System Vertical Cartoner Econoseal V-System Method of Operation Econoseal V-System Vertical Cartoner Machine Layout

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Erect, Load, and Close Top Load Cartons

The Econoseal V-System is a mechanically driven, intermittent motion vertical cartoner for erecting, loading, and closing top load cartons at speeds of up to 40 cartons per minute.


1. Flat, pre-glued end load style carton is pulled from the carton supply magazine.
2. Carton bottom is closed (tuck or glue methods available) and the carton is then presented vertically to the product loading area.
3. Product is manually or automatically vertically loaded into carton.
4. Machine cycle is initiated, and the top of the carton is closed (tuck or glue methods available).
5. Completed carton is automatically delivered from the machine to a convenient working height.


Speed: Up to 40 cartons per minute
Sanitary construction (essentially stainless steel)
Intermittent motion
Up to 40 cartons per minute
PLC controls
Accommodates glue or tuck closure
Easy access to carton magazine
Adjustable 4 chain transport system to enhance carton squareness
Hand crank adjustment for fast size changeover
Straight back discharge


Extended or reduced sized cartons outside the standard range
Adjustable magazine
3 light beacon
5' extended carton magazine
Ink print or deboss coding
Delivery shelf for discharge
Auto bottom box provision
CE guarding

Carton Size Range

Min: 1" x .75" x 2.5" (25 x 19 x 64mm)
Max: 8" x 3" x 10" (203 x 76 x 254mm)


Electrical: 220 volts, 50/60 Hz, Single phase
Air: 80 psi (5.5 bar), volume consumption approximately 3.5 CFM 16.8 SCFM (90 Liters/min)
Weight: Approximately 1,295 lbs (590 kg)