Econoseal Horizontal Cartoners

Econoseal horizontal cartoners optimize speed and floor space with long-lasting durability. Each of these horizontal cartoners is designed to handle a variety of carton sizes, with quick-change adjustments eliminating the need for different parts for different sized cartons.

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Econoseal Pegasus Horizontal Cartoner

The Econoseal Pegasus is a continuous motion horizontal cartoner that erects, loads, and closes cartons up to 120 per minute.

Econoseal Econo-60 Horizontal Cartoner

The Econoseal Econo-60 manual-load, continuous-motion horizontal cartoner forms and closes end-load cartons at speeds up to 60 cartons per minute.

Econoseal Spartan Horizontal Cartoner

The Econoseal Spartan is a sturdy, mechanical, horizontal cartoner that erects, loads, and closes cartons. This machine can be set up for either left hand or right hand orientation.

Econoseal E-System 2000 Horizontal Cartoner

The Econoseal E-System 2000 horizontal cartoner erects, loads, and closes end-load cartons up to 25 per minute.

Econoseal Twinseal Horizontal Cartoner

The Econoseal Twinseal horizontal cartoner utilizes a hot melt glue system that minimizes flap compression time and works well with many different board materials and coatings. Alternatively, hot air guns can be used to seal cartons that have either pre-applied adhesive or double sided sealable coatings on the carton board.

Econoseal Mini Monoseal Horizontal Cartoner

The Econoseal Mini Monoseal cartoner is a simple and safe semi-automatic carton flap glue sealer that can be used to seal carton end flaps, hinge covers, side glue joints, gable tops, etc.

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