Roach CT380/CT360 90 Degree 3-Strand Chain Transfer Power Conveyor

The Roach CT380 and CT360 90° 3-strand chain transfer power conveyors move heavy-duty unit loads at 90° intervals in tight quarters.

Roach CRT Medium-Duty Continuous Rotation Powered Turntable

The Roach CRT medium duty continuous rotation powered turntable are effectively used in tight quarters.

Roach IPT Heavy-Duty Indexing Powered Turntable

The Roach IPT heavy-duty turntable indexes and orients products at specified intervals for operators to perform tasks.

Roach 608SL Heavy-Duty Slat Conveyor

The Roach 608SL heavy-duty slat conveyor conveys unstable, irregular objects and those with problem bottom surfaces.

Roach RVC Vertical Conveyor

The Roach RVC vertical conveyor vertically conveys up to 3000 lbs using an operator.

Roach CVC Vertical Conveyor

The Roach CVC vertical conveyor vertically conveys up to 3000 lbs with no operator.

Roach 700SBW Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor

Roach 700SBW wire mesh belt conveyors can be used to convey hot, cold or oily products in oven, cooling or other special conditions.

Roach 700SBO Open Bed Style Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor

Roach 700SBO open type wire mesh belt conveyors offer opening in bed to allow air or various sprays to pass through.

Roach PC-F Parts Conveyor with Feeder

The Roach PC-F parts conveyor with feeder stations underneath machinery to accept parts, chips, slugs, scrap, etc.

Roach PC Parts Conveyor

Roach PC parts conveyors are widely used to convey chips, slugs or scrap materials to hoppers.

Roach SD60 Skewed Wheel Diverter

Roach SD60 skewed wheel diverter diverts products at 30°, 45° or 90° angles.

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