SpanTech Transfer Systems

SpanTech manufactures reliable transfer systems that are strong enough for heavy products and smooth enough for the smallest.

All SpanTech transfer systems are washdown capable and can be either slave-driven from the main conveyor shaft or independently powered by their own gearmotors.

SpanTech proven technology naturally works seamlessly with SpanTech conveyors, and they work with other systems as well. Connect your systems, maximize your productivity.

Please contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 for your conveyor systems.


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SpanTech Gravity Transfer Rollers

SpanTech gravity transfer rollers provide a smooth fast transfer of even the smallest products.

SpanTech MicroSpan Transfers

SpanTech MicroSpan transfers are the compact answer for end-to-end transport of your products.

SpanTech Wire Mesh Transfer

SpanTech Wire Mesh Belt Transfers can be used in or near freezers, and are designed to handle sticky or gummy products.

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