SpanTech Sorting and Merging Conveyors

SpanTech sorting and merging conveyors are designed to improve your productivity. SpanTech's selection of adaptable sorting and merging conveyor systems can help your production be more efficient than ever.

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SpanTech Conveyor Stops & Pushers

SpanTech's ruggedly designed stops and pushers sort your products efficiently by ejecting them off of a conveyor, or halting them altogether.

SpanTech High-Speed Switches

SpanTech's high-speed switch divides product flow while maintaining product pitch, splitting product flow at speeds up to 350 fpm.

SpanTech Laner Conveyor Diverter System

SpanTech reliable Laner conveyor diverter systems auto-sort your products into lanes, allowing them to be easily packaged or sent in different directions.

SpanTech Powered Divert Conveyor

SpanTech's powered divert conveyor keeps your products moving forward, and alleviates accumulation issues.

SpanTech Transpositor Conveyor

SpanTech's transpositor conveyor successfully creates right-angle product transfers without skewing.

SpanTech Vertical Switch Conveyor

With the SpanTech vertical switch conveyor, your products can be discharged at greater elevations.

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