SpanTech Powered Divert Conveyor

SpanTech Powered Divert Conveyor

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  • Prevent accumulation issues
  • Great for bagged and non-rigid products
  • Great for diverting in a limited conveyor length

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SpanTech Powered Divert Conveyor
SpanTech Powered Divert Conveyor Detail
SpanTech Powered Divert Conveyor Detail

Avoid Throughput Build-Up, and Keep Your Products Moving

Keep your product moving forward, and alleviate accumulation issues of bagged and non-rigid product with a SpanTech powered divert conveyor.

The powered divert conveyor is a small conveyor (Minilink or Multispan) turned at a 90 degree angle and suspended above the horizontal chain.

The powered divert is also ideal for applications with a limited conveyor length, where a standard, stationary divert rail (with a lesser angle of deflection) would be too long to fit within the available space.

Product must be large enough so as not to fall between the two parallel conveyors.


Helps push the product across the horizontal chain.
Usually powered by a WA20 or WA30 gearmotor.

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