SpanTech Laner Conveyor Diverter System

SpanTech Laner Conveyor Diverter System

At a Glance

  • Organize a pile of product into separate lanes
  • No product residue on guides or dividers
  • No product drag
  • Flow rates in the range of 700 to 800 products per minute

Automatically Sort and Divide Your Products into Lanes

SpanTech reliable Laner conveyor diverter systems auto-sort your products into lanes, allowing them to be easily packaged or sent in different directions.

Typically, product from spiral freezers or coolers discharges in no particular order. SpanTech's innovative Laner system can straighten out and organize the pile into separate lanes. The system not only accelerates the product into lanes automatically, but also virtually eliminates product jamming.

Traditional methods of organizing product flow involved guide rails or sheet metal dividers. Product residue would contaminate the guides or dividers, resulting in drag and slowing down product movement. When products come together, jamming is usually the result.

The SpanTech Laner conveyor diverter system eliminates these problems, using multiple rows of specially designed wheels to accelerate product flow.

Laner Conveyor Diverter System Features

Once aligned into lanes, product can be sent on down the line for final packaging, or in different directions for additional processing.
The innovative Laner can take the random discharge of round products and organize the pile into separate lanes.
Typically achieve flow rates in the range of 700 to 800 products per minute.
Only mechanical means move the product, no sensors are used.
Designed to work best with round, thin products.
USDA approved and BISSC certified.

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