FoxJet LS7100 Label Applicator

FoxJet LS7100 Label Applicator

At a Glance

  • Responsive 7 inch touchscreen
  • Smart sensors providing real time feedback
  • Remote accessibility with controller or computer
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FoxJet LS7100 Label Applicator
FoxJet LS7100 Label Applicator
FoxJet LS7100 Label Applicator
FoxJet LS7100 Label Applicator
FoxJet LS7100 Label Applicator
FoxJet LS7100 Label Applicator

Accurate Label Placement at High Speeds

FoxJet LS7100 all-electric print and apply labeler has enhanced capabilities to achieve accurate label placement at high speeds using servo-controlled label dispensing technology and intelligent auto-adjusting sensor controls.

Reliably print and apply labels in flexible orientations on cases or pallets including the front, rear, side, top, bottom, and corner-wrap. Gain the ability to remote-in anytime as if they were on the line to run systems or check labeler status. Remote access options include the handheld controller, the Touch Pro PC or from a personal computer via ethernet connection.


All-electric print and apply labeling system designed using brushless servo-controlled label dispensing technology.
Color touchscreen display with a simple user interface.
Designed for reliability with a clutch-less liner take-up system and low friction surfaces.
Built-in functionality to run two systems in redundant mode for built-in back-up and reducing production downtime.
Discrete I/O card option allows the system to interface directly to PLC.
Allows for remote-in access to adjust settings and check labeler status on a controller or PC.


7" intuitive color touchscreen diagnostic display.
Smart sensors providing real time feedback for quick troubleshooting capabilities.
Missing label sensors ensure.
Redundant systems capabilities.
Label dispensing driven by servo-motors for accurate label placement.
Configurable modules in Tamp, FASA, WASA and High-Speed Tamp applications.
Compatible with Touch Pro or handheld controller for remote access.
Option to pair with barcode scanner for verification in your material handling.

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