FoxJet Touch Pro Controller

FoxJet Touch Pro Controller

At a Glance

  • High-performance at a low cost
  • Built-in Ethernet and remote WiFi connectivity
  • Stainless-steel enclosure
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FoxJet Touch Pro Controller FoxJet Touch Pro Controller FoxJet Touch Pro Controller FoxJet Touch Pro Controller

Simple, Stainless, and Super Quick Start-Up

Designed to be easy to install and service in industrial environments, the FoxJet Touch Pro comes with a stainless-steel enclosure making it suitable for tough labeling application environments.

Features include an increased response time allowing the customers to experience faster format changes and remote label message adjustment via a PC or the user-friendly controller. Downtime saving features in the Touch Pro's design eliminate sudden reboots that interrupt communication between the print engine and labeling equipment. This touchscreen capable stainless-steel PC offers high-performance benefits at a low cost.


10.2" stainless-steel touchscreen with intuitive Windows 10 IOT Enterprise interface
15-second quick start power-up
Built-in Ethernet and remote WiFi connectivity
2GB memory and serial and USB ports on the PC
NiceLabel software compatibility
Plug-and-go external keyboard (optional)

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