Take-A-Label TAL-2100ER Electric Round-Product Labeler

Take-A-Label TAL-2100ER Electric Round-Product Labeler

At a Glance

  • Will label virtually any cylindrical product
  • Products are quickly loaded into the applicator
  • Footswitch activates the labeler
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Take-A-Label TAL-2100ER Electric Round-Product Labeler

All Electric Labeler Applies Labels to Cylindrical Products with No Air

The TAL-2100ER All Electric Round Product Labeler is designed and built from the ground up to address the growing need for a simple-to-operate electric round product label applicator. The easy-to-use product carriage can be adjusted without any tools, making it a perfect fit for numerous applications in wineries, micro-breweries and the spice and vitamin industries.


Photo cell label stop
Broad product size range
Heavy duty all steel frame with powder coated finish
Heavy duty motor with built in overload protection
No tool's required to change product size


Clear label photo sensor
7" wide label kit
Smart Jet Inkjet Printer

Product Specifications

Cylindrical shape
1" to 5" OD

Label Specifications

Minimum size: 1" x 1"
Maximum width: 5"
Maximum roll OD: 12"
Core size diameter: 1" or 3"

Machine Specifications

Dimensions: 24"L x 16"W x 14"H
Shipping weight: 345 lbs

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