Take-A-Label TAL-3100C Continuous-Duty Tamp Label Applicator

Take-A-Label TAL-3100C Continuous-Duty Tamp Label Applicator

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At a Glance

  • Tamp label applicator is designed to provide years of trouble free service
  • Applies labels up to 5 inches wide
  • Solid state electronics
  • Up to 500 inches per minute

Quickly Accurately Tamp Labels with this Reliable Labeler

The TAL-3100C Continuous Duty Tamp Label Applicator is designed to provide years of trouble free service. Using a brushless DC motor the TAL-3100C offers a maximum web speed of 500" per minute. Labels ranging in size from .5" x .5" to 5" x 5" are easily accommodated. This applicator's unique compact size allows it to be used in a number of applications where space is at a premium.

The compact size of the TAL-3100C allows it to be placed in locations where other units cannot fit. When space is tight and ease of operation is a requirement, the TAL-3100C is your labeling solution.


Scrap rewind for quick start and removal of wasted liner
Durable all steel frame with powder coat finish
Brushless DC motor
Standard photo cell label sensor
Solid state electronics
Tamp dwell control
Adjustable web speed from 0" - 500" per minute


Hot stamp imprinter
Adjustable T-Base stand
Label counter
Custom vacuum pad
Clear label photo sensor
Extended stroke tamp cylinder

Hot Stamp Imprinter Option

The Hot Stamp Imprinter prints on virtually any label stock, die cut or butt-cut, parallel or vertical to the web direction. The pneumatic powered imprinter offers three lines print using individual steel type.

The Hot Stamp Imprinter mounts on these dispensers:
and these applicators:
TAL-3100R (shown above)

Label Specifications

Minimum size: .5" x .5"
Maximum size: 5" x 8"
Maximum roll OD: 12"
Core size diameter: 1" or 3"

Machine Specifications

Dimensions: 15"L x 17"W x 24"H
Air: 60psi
Electrical: 115VAC, 60hz, Single phase
Shipping weight: 45 lbs