Take-A-Label TAL-450M Manual Label Dispenser

Take-A-Label TAL-450M Manual Label Dispenser

At a Glance

  • Handles labels up to 4.5 inches wide
  • Ideal for applications where power may not be available
  • Turn the handle to dispense each label
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Take-A-Label TAL-450M Manual Label Dispenser

Dispense Labels Up to 4.5" Wide with No Power

The TAL-450M has a maximum web width of 4.5", and is ideally suited for applications where power may not be available, or increased manual labeling speed is needed. Just turn the handle and a label is dispensed. The TAL-450M offers the features and size of most electric dispensers but at a fraction of the price.


Durable all steel frame with powder coat finish.
Full scrap rewind
Dispenses die-cut or butt-cut labels
Accommodates multiple labels on a common liner

Label Specifications

Maximum web width: 4.5"
Maximum roll diameter: 12"
Core size diameter: 1" or 3"

Machine Specifications

Shipping weight: 16 lbs

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