A-B-C 108 Low-Level Bulk Depalletizer

A-B-C 108 Low-Level Bulk Depalletizer

At a Glance

  • Floor level operation and container discharge
  • Sweep-off depalletizing
  • Proprietary top and secondary layer squaring devices provide maximum container stability
  • Operator control center provides simple operation and changeover
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A-B-C 108 Low-Level Bulk Depalletizer
A-B-C 108 Low-Level Bulk Depalletizer channel steel frame
A-B-C 108 Low-Level Bulk Depalletizer runs glass, plastic and metal containers
A-B-C 108 Low-Level Bulk Depalletizer support bar ensures complete bottle containment
A-B-C 108 Low-Level Bulk Depalletizer offers optimal container stability
A-B-C 108 Low-Level Bulk Depalletizer secondary layered secured
A-B-C 108 Low-Level Bulk Depalletizer optional features

Low-Level Bulk Depalletizer Runs Plastic, Glass, Aluminum & Steel Containers

A-B-C 108 low-level depalletizer's design keeps operation, control, and maintenance at floor level for maximum convenience and low cost of operation.

This depalletizer has a clean, open profile that ensures high visibility on the plant floor. It's designed with innovative features to maintain total bottle control during layer transfer and discharge. Built for dependable long-term production, this depalletizer a top solution for bottle handling productivity.

Machine Features

Run glass and plastic bottles, metal cans and composite containers on one machine.
Changeover requires no tools or change parts.
Multiple features to ensure optimum container stability.
Efficient design and quality production features ensure reliable, high-volume operation.


Quality Production Features: This depalletizer is built with a channel steel frame with welded and bolted construction that eliminates vibration and ensures long machine life. It features 1-1/4" solid shafts on the pallet conveyor and sweep bar drive units, and 1-1/2" elevator table drive shaft for strength. Heavy-duty industrial roller chain carries the elevator table. These efficient design and quality production features ensure high volume, reliable operation.

Versatile for Many Applications: This depalletizer runs plastic, glass, aluminum, steel and composite containers interchangeably, with no optional change parts required. It can handle loads up to 110" high.

Secondary Layer Secured to Maintain Pallet Integrity: As the primary layer is swept from the pallet, the secondary layer is secured on all four sides by pneumatically controlled steel friction plates. Below, the tier sheet is held in place by grippers that hold it securely during sweep off.

Top Features Ensure Optimum Container Stability: The sweep carriage that transfers containers from the pallet to the transfer table has four containment devices to ensure bottle stability; two adjustable side plates, a rear sweep bar, and front support bar. The precision chain and sprocket sweep mechanism provides long-term reliability and is proven in hundreds of installations worldwide. The elevator table is guided by 8-point location roller bearings and is counterweighted for smooth vertical operation to maximize container stability.

Sweep Gap Eliminated to Keep Bottles Stable from Pallet to Discharge: The motorized support bar travels with the bottle load during sweepoff, to prevent friction from causing bottle instability. The support bar is adjustable to ensure complete bottle containment throughout transfer.

Choose Your Level of Automation: Many optional features are available to extend depalletizer automation, including an empty pallet stacker, picture frame and slipsheet remover, full pallet conveyor, and container single filer.


Picture frame and slipsheet remover / stacker.
Empty pallet stacker.
Powered full pallet feed.
Single filers.

Machine Specifications

High Performance Features:
Heavy steel frame construction, welded and bolted for strength
Mechanical primary and secondary layer squaring before sweep-off
Electro-mechanical dual chain-driven sweep bar
Automatic container height detector
Four side containment devices on sweep carriage: adjustable side plates, rear sweep bar and front stabilizer bar
Stainless steel, reinforced transfer table with tapered stripper plate
Features for Reliable Operation:
Counterweighted elevator table
Adjustable guard rails on elevator table
Programmable logic control of operation
IEC motor starters
Variable frequency motor drives
Reduced Maintenance Features:
Quick disconnect non-contact sensing devices with LED indicators
Non-contact sensors monitor machine operation
Sealed bearings throughout
Touchscreen control for machine jog, diagnostics, troubleshooting, changeover settings
Elevated beacon fault light
A-B-C Intelligent Control:
PLC electronics for precise control of machine operation
Standard fault detection features
Touchscreen Control Panel:
Set-up for daily, shift or batch runs
Simple sequence for auto/manual functions
Diagnostic status report screen
Input/output machine status

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