Evolution SC Small-Character High-Resolution Printer

Digital Design Evolution SC Small Character High Resolution Ink Jet Printer

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Digital Design Evolution SC Small Character High Resolution Ink Jet Printer Evolution SC Small Character High Resolution Ink Jet System

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At a Glance

  • Complete high-resolution printing system includes mounting bracketry, hand held controller, printhead module with product sensor and power supply
  • Print small characters from 0.052 inch (1.32 mm) to 0.125 inch (3.2 mm)
  • Ideal for only a lot number, product code, or other non-variable text

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Print Lot and Date Codes as Small as 0.052" High

The Evolution SC small-character ink jet printer is designed to print a lot number, expiration date or other product identification directly onto the primary product as it travels on the production line.

This remarkably low cost printer is delivered as a complete system and includes a hand held controller for message entry, printhead module, product sensor, mounting bracketry, and power supply.


Inkjet Technology by Hewlett Packard
The most critical component of any ink jet printer is the ink supply and delivery system. Evolution SC is powered by inkjet technology by Hewlett Packard. HP's thermal ink jet cartridge delivers the highest reliability and print quality from the first printed message to the last.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
Delivers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of any competitive ink jet printing system available.

Complete Software Package
The Evolution SC includes a complete software package as standard. These include expanded message storage and message length, date and time coding in a variety of formats, sequential numbering, shift coding, product count and morecan message storage, time, date, automatic date rollover, sequential numbering and more.

Character Sizes and Styles
Five different character styles and range in print in size from 0.052" (1.32 mm) to 0.125" (3.2 mm).

Ink Supply
The printhead contains a volume of 17cc of ink. The non-porous ink formulation was designed to give excellent adhesion and dry time on a variety of substrates including poly styrene, PVC, HDPE, coated chipboard, and stretch and shrink overwraps. A porous ink formulation is also available. The printhead module contains the operating electronics for the ink cartridge that snaps securely in place and is easily removable for quick changeover.

Hand Held Controller
The controller features a backlit WYSIWYG display and a tactile style keypad for message entry. The controller can also operate both the Evolution I and Evolution II high resolution ink jet printers. Complete control of an Evolution network can be accomplished with the hand held controller or a remote PC via an RS485 data link.

Mounting Bracket
Universal mounting bracketry has horizontal and vertical adjustment, and easily mounts to the production line with two mounting bolts.

Add-On Printheads
An additional printhead is used if an additional line of text is required on the product. The printhead modules are joined together with a small adapator plate on the underside of each printhead. A 7" comunication cable is inserted into the appropriate port on the printhead modules to allow communication with the controller.

Networking Capabilities
The hand held controller has the capability of controlling up to 32 individual printhead modules through the use of a RS 485 data cable. A small data cable is used to connect the modules on the same production line while a longer cable connects them to the next production line in the manufacturing area. The printhead modules have a discreet address which is used to identify them for message entry functions. Complete PC control of the Evolution SC network through our Evolution-Net software is available as an option.

Complete Standard System Includes

Handheld Controller
For entering messages, system configuration, and displaying data from the printhead
One Serial RS485 port for communication with the printhead
Backlit WYSIWYG LCD display (with 16 special characters)
Alpha/numeric tactile keypad
Message storage: 100 messages
Printhead Module
Two serial RS485 ports for communication with the controller and any other external device
Internal product sensor
Standard character heights of 0.52"(1.32mm), 0.073"(1.85mm), and 0.125"(3.2mm)
Bold characters heights of 0.073"(1.85mm) and 0.125"(3.2mm)
96 character message length
Programmable line speed, print delay, inter-character spacing, print direction, message orientation, product detection and external encoding
Multiple Language promts prompts: English, Spanish
Embedded EVP (Evolution Communication Protocol) for OEM and systems integration

Hardware Options

Built-in encoder option is available for the Evolution I LX and II LX ensures that all of the characters being printed will be the same width regardless of the hand speed.

Software Options

There are four Optional Software Packages available for the Evolution I or Evolution I LX printheads. They can be ordered with the original system purchase or field upgraded via a flash card as need arises. These software enhancements can take the Evolution Hand Held printer from a basic system to a fully featured printer or anywhere in between depending on your application

Character Heights and Ink Supply

The Evolution SC Small-Character High-Resolution Printer prints the following approximate number of characters.
Size Dot Matrix Characters per Cartridge Messages per Cartridge Change Time in Days
.052" (1.32mm) 5 x 5 8,000,000 800,000 20.5
.073" (1.85mm) 7 x 5 5,650,000 565,000 14.5
.073" (1.85mm) 7 x 5 Bold 2,668,000 266,800 6.8
.125" (3.2mm) 12 x 9 3,694,000 369,400 9.5
.125" (3.2mm) 12 x 9 Bold 1,921,000 192,100 4.9
Above ink change times represents the number of days an ink cartridge will last when running a 10 character message at a production rate of 100 products per minute, one shift per day.
The printhead can print one line of 7 x 5 and 12 x 9 font sizes, and two lines of the 5 x 5 font size.


Production Speed
Up to 200 feet (61m) per minute at 96dpi
Power Required
110-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 0.5A
50F - 104F (10C - 40C)
Up to 80% RH non-condensing
Physical Dimensions
Controller: 4.125" wide x 8.750" long x 1.500" deep
Printhead module: 2.1" wide x 5.6" long x 1.475" deep