Markem-Imaje 9750 E Continuous Inkjet Printer

Markem-Imaje 9750 E Continuous Inkjet Printer

At a Glance

  • Print customizable and traceable codes on extruded product coding on wires, cables, pipes
  • Inks specially formulated for high contrast and perfect adhesion
  • Automatic cleaning system provides clean, hassle-free start-ups
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Markem-Imaje 9750 E Continuous Inkjet Printer
Markem-Imaje 9750 E Continuous Inkjet Printer
Markem-Imaje 9750 E Continuous Inkjet Printer Sample
Markem-Imaje 9750 E Continuous Inkjet Printer Sample
Markem-Imaje 9750 E Continuous Inkjet Printer Sample
Markem-Imaje 9750 E Continuous Inkjet Printer Sample

Perfectly Print Codes on Wires, Cables and Pipes

The Markem-Imaje 9750 E inkjet printer is designed to give the highest flexibility for customizable and traceable codes for extruded product coding on wires, cables, pipes, etc. with hybrid dye or pigment ink circuit.

Markem-Imaje printing technology supports the extrusion industry with extrusion-specific printer models provide long-lasting, fast-drying, and non-migrating codes on all materials − even PE. Proven reliability and a full suite of colors − including reliable MEK-free inks − now enable manufacturers to code a wide range of materials effectively, sustainably and in the most demanding production environments.

Markem-Imaje 9750 E series printers take performance to the next level:
- Hybrid ink circuit which can print either standard or premium, contrasted codes, vastly increasing flexibility while cutting spare parts for those needing both options.
- Environmentally friendly coding solution, which cuts VOCs even for MEK inks, reduces waste sent to landfill.
- Easily customizable integration into an Industry 4.0 production line.
- One of the industry's highest uptime with a synchronized parts replacement schedule and up to 18,000 hours between services.
- 10" smartphone style user interface (UI) to improve line operator data entry − specially designed for extrusion applications.
- Five more ink options for electronics coding, and a bend-resistant ink.

Innovative Inkjet Printer

System ensures optimal performance and flexibility when coding different materials in all colors, with all inks. Bend resistant ink, requiring no pretreatment, avoids stretching even on PE, HDPE and HFFR.
Technology streamlines mechanicals down to swappable modules.
Revolutionary Hybrid Ink Circuit
Can print standard codes with dyes or pigmented ones for extra contrast, providing extra flexibility and streamlining spare parts inventory.

More Sustainable Printing

Means you synchronize parts replacement and swap only individual items, not the entire block.
Process and a portfolio of rigorously developed ink formulations help reduce consumable consumption and VOC emissions by up to 50% while improving operator safety, well-being and TCO.


WYSIWYG 10" capacitive color touchscreen:
- Realtime display of remaining print capacity expressed in hours and number of messages
- Integrated assistance and alert system
- Simplified message printing and management
- Creation of user profiles
- Tracking of consumption and printer availability
Message library up to 1,000 messages.
Additional functionalities:
- Metering
- Interleaving of 2 messages
- On-the-fly production changes
- Quick access to counter setting
- Optimization of tolerance control
- Chimney characters
- DIN mode
Automatic selection of fonts, depending on print speed and printhead/object distance.
Specific date management (rounding date function)
Parent/child connectivity
Jet Speed Control guarantees marking quality
Printhead with embedded intelligence for high marking quality and reduced maintenance
Broad range of dye and pigment inks:
- Multi-use
- High-performance
- Alcohol based
- Ketone-free
- MEK-free
Sealed 0.6 and 08-liter consumable cartridges with fool proofing system
Compact and modular ink circuit for better thermal management and controlled additive consumption
100% front access modular ink circuit for a simplified preventive maintenance
Remote Services including MI Virtual Assistant for 24/7 self-troubleshooting and how-to videos
Quick connect/disconnect of accessories (photocell, alarm and encoder)
Enhanced native connectivity including USB, Ethernet, serial and a configurable M12 connector for I/O

Print Features

Mono-jet printhead
G head printing resolution: 71 dpi
M head printing resolution: 115 dpi
W head printing resolution: 71 dpi
Up to 5 lines of print
Print speed up to 1000 m/s
Font height from 5 to 32 dots
Character height from 1.2 to 11.2 mm
Wide choice of 1D and 2D barcodes:
- EAN8/EAN13/UPCA/UPCE barcodes, code 39, interleaved 2 of 5, Datamatrix, QR code
Wide choice of characters:
- Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Korean...

Other Characteristics

Weight: 25 kg
Table-top or vertical mounting
Ultra-flexible 3-meter umbilical cable
Stainless steel cabinet and printhead case
Dust/humidity protection rating: IP55 not requiring plant air
Operating temperature range: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C) depending on ink used
Humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing
Electrical power supply: 100 - 240 V, 1.6 Amp, frequency 50/60 Hz, 30 W


Ultra-flexible 6-meter umbilical cable
IP66 protection (plant air required)
Consumable saving mode for up to -60% additive consumption:
- At 20 °C less than 3,5 cc/h for MEK-based ink or less than 2cc/h for MEK-free ink
Printhead pressurization kit
Air blade kit
Many I/O possibilities including a configurable single point connector (24 pins)


Printer supports:
- Stainless steel or aluminum stand
- Table or wall mounting bracket
Printhead supports:
- Stainless steel stand
- Choice of brackets
Pigment ink shaker
Alarm beacons (24 V)
Set of pre-cabled connectors M12, Ethernet IP66


Fully compatible with CoLOS Version 6.3 Service Pack onwards
Logo creation with CoLOS Graphics software

Material Types

Power cables
Electric wires
Copper wires
Copper cables



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