Rennco ProPick Automatic Laundry Weigh Bagging System

Rennco ProPick Automatic Laundry Weigh Bagging System

At a Glance

  • Automatic laundry bagging system
  • Operator simply loads items into hopper
  • Uses roll stock film instead of pre-made bags
  • Lowers labor costs and material costs
  • Bag sizes from 12 inches x 24 inches to 27 inches x 24 inches
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Rennco ProPick Automatic Laundry Weigh Bagging System Rennco ProPick Automatic Laundry Bagging System Finished Packages

Fast Laundry Bagging with Very Little Operator Requirement

Rennco's ProPick automatic laundry weigh bagging system for bagging towels, garments, bar wipes, towels, hospital gowns, and more. An operator is only required to load items into the hopper.

The Rennco ProPick laundry bagger system includes a touch screen for recipe selection for package specifications, a light screen auto cycle which allows for automatic machine cycle, a trimless package with no material scrap, and a bag tapper to assist distribution of products in package.

Operational Summary

An operator tosses items into the hopper. The items are transported up an incline conveyor to a flat intermittent conveyor that includes a weigh scale. The intermittent conveyor moves incrementally until the correct weight is achieved and then advances at full speed to load the correct weight of items into the film. The package is produced and discharged for transport to the end-user.

Lower Material Costs

All Rennco systems use center-folded rolls of poly film which are readily available at significant savings compared to pre-made bags. Rennco standard systems have bag sizes from 12" x 24" to 27" x 24". Bag sizes can be changed on the touch screen in seconds, without having to change the roll. Therefore only one supply item is ever needed.


Simple, fast and efficient
Limited operator requirement
Bags up to 24" x 27"
Utilizes centerfolded poly versus pre-made bags
Variable bag length based on products
Single or dual arrangement
Easily retrofitted to existing system where operators were required

Example Products

Bar towels
Shop rags
Wash cloths
Hand towels
Knit sheets
Hospital gowns
Towel sets
Sheet sets

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