Axon HE-500 Steam Shrink Tunnel

Axon HE-500 Steam Shrink Tunnel

At a Glance

  • High-quality shrink performance with self-contained steam generator
  • Low-pressure steam system does not require same certification as high-pressure steam systems
  • Container or multi-pack diameters up to 5 inches and heights up to 9.5 inches
  • Simple, tool-less container changeovers
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Axon HE-500 Steam Shrink Tunnel
Axon HE-500 Steam Shrink Tunnel

High-Quality Shrink Performance with Self-Contained Steam Generator

Designed for efficient full-body shrink applications, Axon HE-500 stand-alone steam shrink tunnels offer high-quality shrink performance that only steam can provide with the convenience of an integrated, self-contained steam generator.

Axon HE-500 steam tunnels eliminate the need for costly centralized steam generation systems. When supplied with water and electricity, Axon HE-500 systems automatically generate high-quality, low-pressure steam.

Though built for stand alone operations, the HE-500 also offers seamless integration with shrink applicators and downstream equipment.

Container changeover is toolless, simple, intuitive and repeatable.

Features & Benefits

Size range flexibility - Container or multi-pack diameters up to 5" and heights up to 9.5".
Tool-less size changeovers - Fast, simple container changeovers increase uptime and enhance productivity.
Stainless steel construction - Durable, easy to clean, easy to maintain.
Adjustable steam distribution - 16 perforated steam bars that are easily adjustable to achieve optimum shrink results.


The Axon HE-500 offers the flexibility to perform five important shrink applications.

Tamper evident bands
Partial body sleeves
Full body sleeves
Full body over the cap sleeves

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