Orion & Brenton Mini Stretch Wrapping System

Orion & Brenton Mini Stretch Wrapping System

At a Glance

  • All-in-one robotic palletizer automatic stretch wrapping system
  • Complete end-of-line pallet loading and wrapping solution
  • Handles a variety of stacking patterns
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Orion & Brenton Mini Stretch Wrapping System
Orion & Brenton Mini Stretch Wrapping System

Protect the Top of Your Pallet Loads

Orion Packaging and Brenton Engineering present an all-in-one robotic palletizer / automatic stretch wrapping system. This combo system increases productivity by integrating material handling and pallet packaging operations into one fully integrated stretch wrapping system.

The Orion Mini-System is a complete end-of-line packaging solution which can handle a wide variety of product types, sizes and weights and can easily be programmed to handle a variety of stacking patterns. Tried and true proven technology means you can depend on the stretch wrapping Mini-System for long term reliability.

Fanuc Robotic Palletizer

The Fanuc Robotics series of robots is engineered for precision, high-speed / high-payload operation, user-friendly setup, and maximum reliability. This is a four-axis, modular construction, electric servo-driven robot with an integrated mechanical and control unit designed for a variety of manufacturing, palletizing and system processes.

Fastest cycle times in robot class
Highest payload in robot class
Internal mechanical control unit saves floor space
Large work envelope for versatile robot operation
Small footprint increases installation flexibility
Easy program creation and editing Orion automatic stretch wrapper

Orion Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Orion automatic stretch wrapping machines have earned a reputation for being highly reliable, durable and flexible in a variety of pallet packaging applications. Models are available in either rotary turntable or rotary tower depending on the type of load being wrapped.

High-performance powered prestretch film delivery for maximum film economy
AC Variable Frequency Drive used throughout for low maintenance & longer life
Allen Bradley PLC controls
Load capacity of 5,000 lbs
Reliable automatic film tail cut & wipe system
Gradual accel/decel for gentle load handling

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