Orion Window & Door Stretch Wrapper

Orion Window & Door Stretch Wrapper

At a Glance

  • Stretch wrap windows and doors quickly and efficiently
  • Wrap one or several products
  • Can utilize configurations including turntable wrappers, conveyorized wrappers, and orbital wrappers
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Orion Window & Door Stretch Wrapper
Orion Window & Door Stretch Wrapper

Stretch Wrap Windows and Doors Quickly and Efficiently

Orion window and door wrapping equipment is able to wrap one or several products quickly and efficiently, protecting your products with this versatile stretch wrapping machine.

Orion door and window stretch wrapping equipment helps your products get to market in pristine condition. According to your specific size and weight and throughput requirements, Orion can customize a wrapping system to meet your goals, reduce your packaging costs and assure that your customers receive your products in the same condition you shipped them.

Orion door and window wrapping systems can utilize a wide variety of configurations including turntable models, conveyorized models, and orbital (horizontal) models.

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