Matrix Elete DS13/15 & DS18/20 VFFS Bagging System

Matrix Elete DS13 & DS18 Vertical Form Fill Seal Bagging System

At a Glance

  • Quick changeover for running multiple bag sizes
  • Cycle speeds up to 100 BPM
  • High-performance automatic film tracking
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Matrix Elete DS13 & DS18 Vertical Form Fill Seal Bagging System
Matrix Elete DS13 & DS18 Vertical Form Fill Seal Bagging System
Matrix Elete DS13 & DS18 Vertical Form Fill Seal Bagging System
Matrix Elete DS13 & DS18 Vertical Form Fill Seal Bagging System Bag Styles

Quick Changeover for Small and Large Bags

The Matrix Elete DS13/15 & DS18/20 are vertical form fill seal machines are designed for a wide variety of industries. With benefits such as tremendous value for the dollar and quick changeover and setup, working with these machines ensure speed and precision.

The Matrix Elete Series is a high-performance totally configurable solution for small and large bags. With automatic film tracking, a stainless steel frame, and optional printer, labeler, or printer options, and multiple valve applications, this equipment leaves customers completely satisfied. The cycle speed reaches up to 100 BPM. When you need quality machinery for your production, the Elete 13/15 and Elete 18/20 are highly reliable.

Features & Benefits

4"x4" Welded Stainless Steel Frame
Maximum bag range:
  Elete DS13: 13"W x 15"L (330mm x 400mm)
  Elete DS18: 18"W x 23"L (457mm x 584mm)
Double stack high-speed stepper electric Smart Jaw ST sealing system
Speeds: Up to 100 BPM
Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1500 PLC with 10.4" adjustable position color touch screen
Integrated temperature control system via PLC
Automatic web edge guide film tracking system, encoder and registration sensor standard
Tool free film roll and forming tube change over with short travel angled incline unwind
Modular design
User configurable spare PLC I/O and USB port for data storage


Rotated jaw (for 3-sided seal)
Wash-down or sanitary
Gusset and flat bottom bag attachments
Edge or center back seal (adjustable back seal)
Mechanical or heated hole punch
Button or flex-style coffee valve applicators
Gas flush
Servo upgrade
Vacuum belts
Power unwind
IP65 motors
Welded frame
Lexan doors/guards
Open channel frame
Stainless steel doors

Premier Upgrade

Stainless steel and poly jaw upgrades. The Elete Premier is designed to thrive in high-sanitation environments that require stainless steel. This machine works at a cycle speed up to 130 BPM. Laminate or poly film sealing capability and compatibility with all types of fillers.

Bag Styles

Flat bottom
Modified doy pouch with stand-up pouch system (available with or without zipper)


Cycle Speed Up to 100 bpm
DS13/15 Bag Dimensions Width: 3" - 13" Length: 3" - 15"
DS18/20 Bag Dimensions Width: 3" - 18" Length: 3" - 23"
Film Laminate or poly film sealing capability
Filler Compatible with all types
Electrical 230V (+/-5) 30 amp, Single Ph, 50/60 Hz
Air Pressure 3-12 cfm @ 80psi (varies by application)

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