Ishida Gentle Slope Multi-Head Weigher

Ishida Gentle Slope Multi-Head Weigher

At a Glance

  • Hoppers designed to avoid product free fall
  • Less acutely angled discharge chutes
  • Easily accessible and detachable contact surfaces

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Ishida Gentle Slope Multi-Head Weigher

Gentle Weigher to Handle Fragile Products

The Ishida Gentle Slope weigher is designed to handle fragile products. This weigher provides the same full automation and performance as Ishida flagship models, adjusted to prevent product damage which could occur.

Features of the Gentle Slope Weigher

Specially-designed hoppers that avoid free fall, gently delivering the product and minimising impact due to reduced drop distances.

Gently angled discharge chutes, which are less acutely angled by at least 10 degrees to reduce acceleration and prevent breakages.

A variety of further options for preventing cracks and breakages, including Bancollan sheets to buffer product, ring shutters and pipe sleeves.

Easily accessible and detachable contact surfaces, making cleaning and maintenance simple.

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