Ishida CCW-RV Micro Multi-Head Weigher

Ishida CCW-RV Micro Multi-Head Weigher

At a Glance

  • Handles the smallest possible product weight within the smallest possible area
  • Target weights from 0.5 to 50g
  • Up to 120 weighments per minute

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Ishida CCW-RV Micro Multi-Head Weigher

Even Faster and More Accurate than Before

This Ishida CCW-RV Micro circular multi-head weigher handles the smallest possible product weight within the smallest possible area. Providing world-class weighing speeds, this Ishida multi-head weigher is ideal for applications with small target weights, such as tea leaves, dried soup mixes, seasonings, tablets and capsules.

The Ishida Micro, the tiny but strong multi-head weigher, delivers the most flexible production solution within the smallest footprint while still delivering highest productivity and lowest product give away.


A small-scale machine, measuring 65 cm x 65 cm x 97 cm, can fit into a variety of layouts and configurations.

Unprecedented speed and precision for product weight combinations as low as 0.5g, using our in-house designed, specially adapted load cells.

Ergonomic design that makes the machine easy to maintain and operate, from removable product contact surfaces, to reduced gaps between hoppers and discharge chutes.

Reliable and consistent product handling, equivalent in quality to our flagship CCW range.

Ultra-Low Target Weights

The Ishida Micro, 14-head weigher is capable of handling ultra-low target weights at high speeds and with unsurpassed accuracy. The Micro can handle target weights from 0.5 to 50g at speeds of up to 120 weighments per minute.


Tea leaves
Soup ingredients
Dehydrated vegetables
Spices and herbs
Tablets and capsules

Fast and Accurate

The Micro delivers unbeatable weighing accuracy at impressive speeds. The Ishida designed and manufactured load cell measures as low as 0.01g load increments-allowing very low combination weights to be selected for target weights as low as 0.5g.

The dispersion table incorporates a highly sensitive weighing sensor to give smooth, very precise and stable product feed automatically. Stable and reliable stepper motor drives enable the highest weighing speeds and operating efficiency.

Simple to Operate

An interactive 3D menu with clear icons and a bright 12.1" TFT color LCD touch screen makes machine operation easy to understand and control.

Easy data exchange through USB memory stick
Flexible connectivity for Ethernet communication
Connectivity for SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquistion)

Space Saving and Flexible

The Micro performs within the small footprint of just 650 x 650mm, and a maximum height of only 970mm. Flexible customer configurations are also available such as two or four discharge pattern.

Easy to Clean

Troughs, hoppers and chutes are easily removable without tools to make cleaning quick and easy. With minimum gap between main body parts and discharge chutes, the Micro design minimises risk of product spillage or loss within production.

Specifications of Ishida CWW-RV Micro Multi-Head Weighers

Weighing Capacity per Head Up to 40g
Max Volume for Weighing 0.05 litres
Max Weigh Speed 120 wpm
Touch Screen 12.1" color LCD display
Weigh Cell Double-beam strain gauge load cell
Presets 200
Material Stainless steel product surfaces and other sanitary materials
Body Structure IP50 Approval
Air No compressed air required unless using pneumatic driven options
Power 200 - 240V 50/60Hz, 0.25kW

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