Ishida CCW-AS-216B Multi-Head Weigher

Ishida CCW-AS-216B Multi-Head Weigher

At a Glance

  • Up to 120 x 2 weighments per minute
  • Increased feeding with high-conveying accuracy
  • 4500cc max weighing volume
  • 3000cc max hopper capacity
  • Faster cleaning time improves efficiency

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Durable, Precise Multi-Head Weigh Scale

With more than 50 years of multi-head weighing know-how, Ishida continues to evolve as a market leader in multihead weighing, contributing to sustainable objectives and a diverse range of weighing solutions to using the latest weighing technology.

CCW-AS opens a new era for multi-head weighing. The CCW-AS multi-head weigher increases overall equipment effectiveness, reduces workload through line automation, and provides unequaled productivity solutions.

Advanced Productivity

New XRF-7 Feeder for Optimum Feeding
Increased feeding ability while maintaining high-conveying accuracy

Radial feeders are essential in combination weighing to feed product to pool and weigh hoppers. The newly developed XRF-7 radial feeder has more conveying power for large volumes and sticky products than conventional feeders. By increasing responsiveness of the feeders, optimum quantity of product can be delivered to each weigh hopper, resulting in higher efficiency rates with more hoppers available for combination.

Optical Charge Control (OCC) for Long Production
Flexible production improves efficiency

The electrical platform has been fully re-designed to achieve higher accuracy and efficiency. New features include OCC, automatic adjustment of hopper open/close interval, and XRF-7 feeder to enhance product feeding and maximize production output. High-efficiency is achieved in nearly any type of product and feeding condition from upstream lines. Sensors monitor the product on the trough. Feeder-drives vibrate to transfer the appropriate amount of product to each hopper.

Best Yield
New circuit board advances resolution, increases weighing yield and improves accuracy.

Automatic Adjustment of Hopper Open/Close Intervals
Quick automatic optimization increases efficiency

CCW-AS utilizes mass data and automatically adjusts the movement timing between hoppers. Operators can adjust hopper open/close interval timing with high-precision and high-operating rates.

Advanced Operation

New Easy to Clean and Hygienically Designed Drive Unit
Faster cleaning time improves efficiency

A redesigned drive unit improves sanitation and allows faster cleaning. Multiple cameras are mounted on the CCW to verify machine status. This drive unit contributes to minimize workload for machine adjustment. Even after long hours of production, product debris does not stay on drive unit. Smooth surface and wider gap make cleaning easier. Improved cleanability ensures hygienic use.

Easily Removable Hoppers
User-friendly design minimizes error

Newly designed hoppers are easily detachable for every operator. Mounting position is clearly identified and guides operator to mount each hopper appropriately. Clear simple hopper mounting minimizes weighing error and risk of making defective products from incorrect mounting.

Advanced Ecological Model

Reduce Energy Consumption and Running Costs

New motor drive control reduces power consumption and contributes to reduced environmental impact. With new programming for the hopper motor drive, the CCW-AS uses 20% less power than the CCW-RV.

Noiseless Feeder Drive
Redesigned to minimize noise

The CCW-AS XRF-7 feeder drive control improves working environment by reducing noise of feeder drive (-16.5 dB compared with CCW-RV).


Multi-Directional Dispersion Feeder (MDDF) for Stable Feeding
Increased efficiency

Product feeding condition on dispersion table is censored and maintained, ensuring stable amount of product flows to each trough.

Easy Adjustment by Camera Monitoring
Save operator's workload

Multiple cameras monitor product condition simultaneously to enhance and drive increased production effciency. Live camera footage can be viewed from the operator screen or remotely via an external network.

Verify Product Discharge Timing
Minimize operator's workload

A camera installed in the discharge chute displays constant monitoring of product condition and deposits on the HMI. Operators can check and adjust production status on the HMI screen, and optimize timing.

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Specifications of CCW-AS-216B SS & WP Multi-Head Scales

Weighing Range
15-500g / 45-1000g
Max Weighing Volume *1
Max Weighing Speed *2
120wpm x 2
120wpm x 2
110wpm x 2
Weighing Accuracy *2*3
0.5-1.0g (400g) / 1.0-2.0g (800g)
Max Weight per Head *3
400g / 800g
Min Graduation *3
0.1g / 0.2g
Hopper Capacity
15.6" color LCD touch panel
Number of Presets
Power Supply *4
1-phase AC200-240V 1.1kVA (6.7A if AC200V) 50/60Hz
1-phase AC380V/400V/415V/460V/480V 1.4kVA (3.6A if AC380V) 50/60Hz
Air (only for WP)
110 /min (ANR) 0.02Mpa
Machine Material
Stainless steel
Ingress Protection
SS: IP 50 *5, WP: IP69K *5*6
Operational Temperature
0 - 40°C
Operational Humidity
35-85% (without condensation)
Operational Elevation *7
Lower than 2000 meters above sea level
Machine Weight
Approx 700kg
Approx 750kg
Approx 750kg

*1) Max weighing range per discharge
*2) Depends on product shape, product density, target weight, etc.
*3) Depends on weighing range
*4) Voltage fluctuation within ±10% power consumption depends on weighing conditions, please contact us for more details
*5) Based on internal test results
*6) Protection against high-pressure washing is evaluated at the time the product is shipped; aging evaluation is not included
*7) Please contact us if the elevation of the installation site exceeds 2000m

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