Ishida SE Series Multi-Head Weighers

Ishida SE Series Multi-Head Weighers

At a Glance

  • Introductory multi-head weigher
  • Streamlined for simple operation
  • Support for every step of the process

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Ishida SE Series Multi-Head Weighers

Gentle Weigher to Handle Fragile Products

The Ishida SE Series is perfect for introducing multi-head weighing to your production line for faster, more accurate fixed-portion weighing.

Features of the SE Series Weigher

Streamlined specification for simple operation still exceeding the performance of conventional multi-head weighers.

An array of additional features to choose from designed and manufactured individually on your request.

Thorough support and guidance for every step of the process including quality checks before delivery and a 24-hour service system post-delivery.

An efficient, meticulously-designed system that can be easily coordinated with the rest of your production line.

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