Ishida CCW-RVE Series Multi-Head Weigher

Ishida CCW-RVE Series Multi-Head Weigher

At a Glance

  • Up to 120 weighments per minute
  • Mix-weigh up to four products
  • Easy to set up and operate

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Ishida CCW-RVE Series Multi-Head Weigher

Durable, Precise Multi-Head Weigh Scale

This Ishida CCW-RVE Series mid-range multi-head system with a wide range of potential variations and options that make it the best choice for diverse production lines.

This Ishida multi-head weigher strikes the balance between impressive durability and rigorous quality control, achieving consistent results for a range of products from shellfish to salads.

Features of the CCW-RVE Series

Top speeds of up to 120 weighments per minute.
A choice of features that cater to your production line needs, be it an all-stainless steel body, waterproofing or more.
A pre-programmed settings system which allows you to change settings of any connected device, offering up to 200 product pre-sets.
Support for mix-weighing up to four products at a time.

Simple Operation

Easy to set up and operate.
Interactive menus, clearly displayed on a 10.4" touch screen panel, are easy to follow and operate.
Timing sequences are easily controlled through screen settings.
Diagnostics menu allows quick checks of signal status and drive parameters.

Data Management

Plug and play USB data import/export and Ethernet connectivity.
Easy data exchange through USB memory stick.
Flexible connectivity for Ethernet communication.
Connectivity for Ishida i-Station Link 2 (optional).

High-Speed, High-Accuracy, High-Efficiency

Fast and precise weighing for improved productivity and profitability.
Digital filtering ensures maximum speeds even under adverse conditions.
Exclusive digital filtering technology guarantees stability and high accuracy.
Filter time is selectable to suit particular weighing conditions.
Advanced auto-feeder adjustment feature automatically sets the best rates to assure optimal performance.

Blend Your Products

Fast and accurate blending solution.
Accurate weigh and blend in one operation.
Up to 4-part blending operation is available.
Simple and easy set-up.

Choose Your Construction

Built to your request to facilitate cleaning, improving efficiency by reducing product changeover times.
Choose from dry or waterproof construction.
Options of gentle handling, product blending, twin layout, etc.

Durable and Reliable

Dependable operation for maximum productivity.
Ishida closely monitors quality control in all design and manufacturing processes.
All stainless steel construction resists corrosion.
Rugged construction withstands harsh operating environment.
Dust and waterproof construction prevents infiltration of seasoning, dust, and water.

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