Ishida Screw Feeder Multi-Head Weigher

Ishida Screw Feeder Multi-Head Weigher

At a Glance

  • Ideal for chicken quarters, cubed meats, marinated mushrooms, and more
  • Combine three different combinations for each weighment
  • More hygienic, less complex

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Ishida Screw Feeder Multi-Head Weigher

Gentle Weigher for Fresh Food

Ishida screwfeeder weighers use a classic rotating screw system to handle products that are sticky, soft or too difficult to move using vibration.


Fully-automated product transfer, leading to great savings on labour costs for your business, with manual help no longer required to move products forward.

All basic functionality of the CCW-RV series, guaranteeing world class performance.

Wide choice in screw configurations available in numerous shapes and sizes to fit product characteristics.

A special control to keep product continually moving until it reaches the pool hoppers.


Chicken breast/thigh fillets
Chicken leg quarters
Cubed meats
Livers / gizzards
Marinated mushrooms
Many many more products

Faster Calculation, More Combinations, Greater Efficiency

Ishida's combination calculation hardware and software is unique and fast. Ishida technology can combine three different combinations for each weighment, and double-check the results. This virtually eliminates an incorrect weighment that has to be dumped, causing the weigher to miss a cycle.

Accuracy that Drives Down Giveaway

Ishida advanced technology provides speed, efficiency and greater accuracy. This ensures that every pack of chicken drumsticks, pork medallions and fish fillets has a greater chance of being close to the target weight, maximizing yield and reducing giveaway to fractions of a gram.

Meets Special Challenges of Screwfeeder Weighing

Ishida's robust equipment is designed to withstand the strong forces needed to disperse incoming pieces, to push forward large amounts of sticky product, and to endure the toughest of cleaning regimes.

More Hygienic, Less Complex

Products entering the Ishida machine flow smoothly to the screwfeeders with elimination of potential trapping points. A new shape at the top is easy to remove and clean, with no complex clips or elaborate roller systems.

Effectively Sealed Dispersion Table

A lip around the underside of the dispersion table, combined with the circular blue PTFE gasket, eliminates the gap between the table and the body. The resulting labyrinth seal is virtually impenetrable by food fragments, yet the table can be lifted off in seconds for cleaning.

Smaller Products Do Not Get Trapped

The fence is the dart-shaped structure which prevents products from falling between the two screwfeeder troughs. On some weighers, there is a potential trapping point (especially for smaller product pieces) where it meets the dispersion table. Ishida has eliminated this by introducing square-ended fences.

Improved Handling of Long Products

An option for large-hopper machines means that standard fences can be removed and replaced with more specialized shapes in order to create easier paths for long pieces such as whole chicken legs.

IP69K-Rated ISHIDA RV Open Frame Weigher

The IP69K-compliant open frame design reduces cleaning and maintenance time thanks to the more accessible structure and flexible electrical units that can be placed up to 20m away from the main body. The open structure aids draining and prevents the build-up of food residue.

Hoppers Lift off Instantly

As an alternative to cleaning-in-place, the hoppers can be manually lifted off and placed on a wash rack or in a washing machine. Replacing them is equally quick and simple.

Screws Are Now Easier to Attach and Remove

A new twist-to-fit mechanism makes it quick and easy to manually insert and remove the screws. High-quality bearings help ensure that the solidly supported Ishida screws deliver long-lasting performance in a task that can quickly wear out less robustly constructed equipment.

Pool Hopper Control by Sensor or Loadcell

With smaller target weights, weighing can be more efficient when there is just one product piece to a head. On some models, a sensor or a loadcell in the pool hopper can sense when one piece has fallen from the trough above, causing the screw to stop turning until the contents have been used in a weighment.

Wide Range of Hopper Types

Available hopper sizes include 1.5, 2, 3, 5 and 7 litres. Single-opening and double-opening types are available as well as models with scraper gates.

Continuous Welded Surfaces

Product contact surfaces are continuously welded with generous radii and are polished smooth to prevent bacteria growth.

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