High Performance EP & EU Series Stretch Film

X-Treme Machine Wrap EH Series Stretch Film

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Superior Linear Low-Density Stretch Film

Our machine stretch wrap is a superior linear low-density stretch film, produced in a wide variety of gauges, thickness, widths, and two types of stretching systems: Force to Load and Power Pre-Stretch. Machine stretch wrap provides a low-cost solution to wrap pallets and durable environmental protection for loads. These multiple layered films possess excellent strength, puncture resistance, stretch performance, clarity, and quiet unwind.

High Performance EP Series Machine Stretch Wrap

EP Series machine wrap is engineered for all general purpose applications. This stretch wrap offers excellent puncture and tear resistance, with high clarity and stretch.

This machine stretch wrap performs on a maximum 250% geared stretch wrapper. With cling on both sides, this three-layer, cast, co-extruded film is excellent for use on conventional machinery on all load types, in hot or cold environments. This film is also suitable for stretch bundling applications.

UVI High Performance EU Series Machine Stretch Wrap

UVI EU Series high performance machine stretch wrap is designed to inhibit the degradation caused by ultraviolet rays on product loads.

UVI stretch wrap can be used for mulch, brick, and other industry products that are stored outdoors.

We also offer colored stretch film.

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