Recycled Hand Grade Polypropylene Strapping

Recycled Hand Grade Polypropylene Strap

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High Quality Recycled Plastic Strapping

Polypropylene, Ultraband, and recycled poly strap applies safely in seconds - reducing packaging labor while controlling material costs. Our versatile strapping material comes in a wide range of sizes and tensile strengths, and several colors.

Recycled plastic strapping is most commonly used with buckles, seals, manual hand tools and power friction weld hand tools.

Recycled polypropylene is commonly used in light duty palletizing environments. However, strongly regulated specifications allow this strap to be used in a general packaging strapping machine.

Minimum Order: 1 Pallet of Strap

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Recycled Polypropylene Strap

Product Size Footage Tensile Colors Per Pallet
RS533-3HG 12.2mm 4,500' 300# Black 56 (2 per box)
RS535-3HG 12.5mm 3,600' 500# Black 56 (2 per box)
RS536-3HG 12.5mm 3,600' 600# Black 56 (2 per box)
RS562-6HG 12.0mm 9,000' 250# Black 28
RS563-6HG 12.2mm 9,000' 300# Black 28
RS565-6HG 12.5mm 7,200' 500# Black 28
RS566-6HG 12.5mm 7,200' 600# Black 28
RS582-8HG 12.0mm 9,000' 250# Black 30
RS583-8HG 12.2mm 9,000' 300# Black 30
RS585-8HG 12.5mm 7,200' 500# Black 30
RS586-8HG 12.5mm 7,200' 600# Black 30
RS5311-3HG 15.0mm 2,200' 930# Black 56 (2 per box)
RS5311-6HG 15.0mm 4,400' 930# Black 28