Cryovac RD-45 & 106 Anti-Fog Shrink Films

Cryovac RD-45 & 106 Anti-Fog Shrink Films

At a Glance

  • Developed for food and cold chain solutions
  • Unique anti-fog properties
  • Ideal for shrink wrapping fresh fruits and vegetables

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Anti-Fog Shrink Films for Food and Cold Chain Products

These Cryovac films have been developed for food and cold chain solutions. Unique anti-fog properties are ideal for shrink wrapping and shipping fresh fruits, vegetables, and other applications requiring refrigerated presentation.


High gloss, clarity and sheen for presenting products at their best
Runs great on a wide assortment of equipment
Great for pre-washed fruits and vegetables
Helps retain product freshness and cleanliness
RD-106 is microwaveable
Meets the requirements for SPI recycle code "4"

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