Cryovac SM570U Hot Needle Perf Shrink Film

Cryovac SM570U Hot Needle Perf Shrink Film

At a Glance

  • Hot needle perforated shrink film
  • Permeability optimizes respiration for freshness fruits and vegetables
  • Customized perforations for specific applications

To provide you with the best pricing, we require a minimum order of one pallet of material.

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Hot Needle Perforated Shrink Film for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Cryovac SM570U is our hot needle perforated shrink film. The permeability of the film optimizes respiration for optimal freshness of perishable fruits and vegetables. Enhanced air evacuation allows fresh baked goods, like crusty bread and donuts, to better maintain texture, taste, and presentation. This micro-perforated film is also ideal for processing certain durable goods, i.e. dyed textile yarns and threads, as well as packing and shipping can lids.


Customized perforations for specific applications
Extremely strong
Improved sustainability

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