Shurtape HP Series Carton Sealing Tape

Our high-performance HP series packaging tape has five different varieties of tensile strength. These tapes have the highest shear strength in the case sealing industry. Even in the most demanding environments, our purpose-built tapes will seal, stick, and hold your cartons and cases.

Shurtape Printable Packaging and Sealing Tape

Our printable packaging tapes are directly printable with all leading brands of solvent inks. Exclusive release-coat technology allows for consistent unwind. Faster drying times result in more efficient use of taping machines with superior ink anchorage without pickoff.

Shurtape Printed & Security Carton Sealing Tape

Protect your packages with custom or stock printed tapes. These tamper-evident tapes provide an extra level of security for you and your customers. Print your logo, phone number, web address, anything that you want your customers to see.

Shurtape AP Series Carton Sealing Tape

AP Series light-production to heavy-duty high-performance case sealing tapes are well-suited for a wide range of temperatures. These emulsion acrylic tapes are UV reisistant, non-yellowing, low odor, and printable.

Shurtape PP Series Carton Sealing Tape

Our premium grade case sealing tapes feature excellent initial tack and high holding power. Using a solvent-based acrylic adhesive, this line of products performs well in a wide range of temperatures from -20 F to 212 F.

Shurtape Water-Activated Carton Sealing Paper Tape

Shurtape water-activated paper tapes are reinforced with fiberglass and PET filaments for excellent tensile strength. When you need optimum security, the agressive adhesive creates a strong bond with corrugated cases and provides a tamper evident seal.

Shurtape Flatback Carton Sealing Paper Tape

Our flatback packaging tapes feature a sturdy backing and rubber-based adhesive which offer strength, extensibility, and conformability. High tack and smooth backing make the Flatback Paper series a natural fit for splicing and case sealing.

Shurtape High-Tensile Filament Strapping Tape

A full line of Shurtape fiberglass-reinforced and tensilized products for your palletizing and packaging applications. These strapping tapes have a polypropylene backing that prevents splitting or cracking, and resists moisture and solvents.

Shurtape Shipping Label Protection Tape

These BOPP film tapes protect shipping labels, instructions, and other printed surfaces from weather and handling. These tapes are moisture-proof and won't discolor or crack.

Shurtape Clear to the Core Carton Packaging Tape

When you need 100% clarity, we offer two ultra clear products. These tapes have excellent holding power for label protection, over-lamination, and light case sealing.

Shurtape Office and Specialty Packaging & Sealing Tape

We offer office and specialty tapes for a range of applications including packaging, bag sealing, holding, and everyday office use.

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