Vibac Case Sealing Tape

Vibac pressure-sensitive tape is manufactured in a wide range of strengths and three types of adhesives for a wide variety of applications. With easy roll release, hot melt tape is ideal for high-volume automated taping. Acrylic tape has the lowest cost, and is great for extreme temperatures and long term storage. Case sealing tape with natural rubber adhesive has extremely high, very aggressive tack, great for dusty dirty environments. Call 888-318-0083 for your carton sealing tape.

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Vibac Hot Melt Case Sealing Tape

Vibac hot melt case sealing tape is coated with synthetic adhesive rubber called hot melt. These tapes are designed for high-volume production. With easy release from large machine tape rolls, hot melt tape meets the speeds of high-speed automatic tapers.

Vibac Acrylic Case Sealing Tape

Vibac acrylic case sealing tapes are made for short and long-term storage. With high UVI rating, these acrylic tapes will not yellow and are good for outdoor storage.

Vibac Natural Rubber Case Sealing Tape

Vibac natural rubber case sealing tape has extremely high tack delivered with very agressive adhesive. Made for dusty dirty environments, natural rubber adhesive bonds around dirt particles.

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