AmTopp Inteplast Machine Stretch Film

Amtopp Inteplast machine stretch wrap is a superior linear low-density stretch film, produced in a wide variety of gauges and widths.

These stretch films possess excellent strength, puncture resistance, and stretch performance. Clarity and quiet unwind enhance this film, which is available in one-sided cling and differential cling. Our stretch films are developed for high-speed equipment and applications that require film to pre-stretch over 250%.

To provide you with the best pricing, we require a minimum order of one pallet of material.

Please contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 for your stretch film.

Amtopp Inteplast LoadStar Plus ELB Series Stretch Film

Inteplast's LoadStar stretch film is highly-engineered multiple-layered film with a superior premium resin formulation. This stretch film perfomrs up to 300% pre-stretch on A and B load profiles and provides consistent performance at the lowest unit cost.

AmTopp Inteplast MegaStar EMB Series Stretch Film

AmTopp MegaStar EMB stretch wrap is an ultra high performance machine film with higher stretch and holding force levels gives you 10-20% material savings.

Amtopp Inteplast Apex AM Series Stretch Film

Apex stretch film replaces thicker, obsolete films, offering savings through superior performance utilizing a base of leading metallocene resins.

AmTopp Inteplast X-Treme EHB Series Stretch Film

X-Treme stretch wrap is a high performance machine film that provides the extra stretch and strength needed in fully-automated operations, while maintaining great optical clarity for electronic scanning.

AmTopp Inteplast Peak EPB Series Stretch Film

Peak EPB Series machine wrap is engineered for all general purpose applications. This stretch wrap offers excellent puncture and tear resistance, with high clarity and stretch.

AmTopp Inteplast Color Tinted Stretch Film

AmTopp color tinted machine stretch film is designed to quickly identify product loads via color-coding in storage or transportation.

AmTopp Inteplast EUB Series UVI Stretch Film

AmTopp UVI High Performance EUB Series machine stretch wrap is designed to inhibit the degradation caused by ultraviolet rays on product loads, such as mulch, brick, and other products that are stored outdoors.

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