Autobag Scales, Counters & Conveyors

Pro Pac offers Autobag bagging scales, counters, and conveyors by Sealed Air. These infeed systems integrate with Autobag baggers to create a completely automatic bagging operation for maximum productivity and cost savings. These scales, counters, and conveyors accommodate a wide range of product sizes, shapes, and weights, for high-speed packaging. The Autobag line also includes thermal transfer bag printers and AirPouch air pillow void-fill systems.

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Autobag Kit-Veyor Counting and Bagging System

The Autobag Kit-Veyor system integrates multiple Accu-Count vibrating counters with an Autobag bagger to create an auto load kit packaging system capable of bagging mixed parts kits at speeds up to 60 bags per minute.

Autobag Data Count U-162 Counter

The Data Count U-162 Counter integrated with the Autobag 500 bagger is specifically engineered to fully automate the high-speed counting and packaging of bulk small products.

Autobag Accu-Count 200 Bowl Feeder

Capable of counting and batching at speeds up to 2,500 packages per hour, this vibratory bowl feed and count system is engineered with state-of-the-art technology for high-accuracy counting productivity.

Autobag Accu-Scale 220 Weigh Scale

The Accu-Scale 220 is a simple, highly-sensitive system that accurately weigh-counts small parts. Designed for use with the Autobag 500 bagger, the Accu-Scale 220 provides a complete weigh-count packaging operation.

Autobag Maximizer Controlled Motion Conveyor

Capable of conveying and counting hand-placed items at speeds up to 50 batches per minute, this continuous motion, flighted conveyor has been designed to be simple to use, dependable and operationally flexible to double the productivity of hand load applications.

Autobag Takeaway Conveyor

The Autobag Takeaway Conveyor improves the productivity of packaging operations by simply moving filled bags from the packaging location up to bench height or to another location.

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