Autobag Kit-Veyor Counting and Bagging System

Autobag Kit-Veyor

At a Glance

  • Integrates multiple Accu-Count vibrating counters with an Autobag bagger
  • Fully customizable to meet a variety of packaging infeed requirements
  • Speeds up to 60 bags per minute
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Autobag Kit-Veyor
Autobag Kit-Veyor
Autobag Kit-Veyor
Autobag Kit-Veyor

Quickly and Automatically Bag Mixed Parts

The Autobag Kit-Veyor infeed conveyor is a high productivity system designed to automatically collate small parts into packaged kits.

The Kit-Veyor system integrates multiple Accu-Count vibrating counters with an Autobag bagger to create an auto load kit packaging system capable of bagging mixed parts kits at speeds up to 60 bags per minute. Each counter is set-up using an operator-friendly AutoTouch control screen, and automatically dispenses a pre-determined quantity of parts into the conveyor buckets as they pass by. Once all of the parts have been collated, the kitted product is automatically loaded and sealed in an Autobag pre-opened poly bag, while another bag is presented for loading.

The Kit-Veyor operates in continuous or intermittent modes, and is fully customizable to meet a variety of packaging infeed requirements. New Autobag DeviceNet technology enables next-generation Kit-Veyor systems to communicate efficiently with all system components, improves kitting accuracy, and significantly reduces start-up and shut-down times.

This highly flexible kit packing system integrates with Autobag bagging systems, Accu-Count Counters and AutoLabel inline imprinters to provide an integrated solution that reduces costs and increases kit packaging productivity.

User Benefits

Increases the productivity of kit packaging operations by counting, collating and packaging up to 60 bags per minute.
State-of-the-art AutoTouch control screens and DeviceNet communications technology provide efficient and accurate system operation.
Flexible configurations create multiple kit packs of varying quantities.
Integrates with Autobag baggers, Accu-Count 200 bowl feeders, and AutoLabel inline imprinters for a fully automatic counting, kitting and packaging system.

Typical Applications

Small parts kit packs
Multiple parts kits
Electrical & electronic parts
Hardware & DIY
Fasteners & connectors
Hobby & craft pieces


Electrical: 110/120 VAC; 50/60 Hz; 600 Watts
Length: 10' standard with optional add-on sections in 3' increments for a maximum of 40'
Buckets: 6"W x 4"D (15.2 cm x 10.2 cm) of high-impact, extremely durable, sound-dampening Lexan
Weight: Approximately 400 lbs (181 kg) (standard)

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