Little David LD-16AR Automatic Random Case Sealer

Loveshaw Little David LD-16R Automatic Random Case Sealer

At a Glance

  • Automatically and quickly seal a wide range of random case sizes
  • Allen Bradley PLC, servo controlled
  • 10 case per minute running extreme case variances
  • Category 3 fully interlocking safety guarding
  • 7 gauge bolted and welded steel frame
  • Reliable 24/7 operation

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Loveshaw Little David LD-16R Automatic Random Case Sealer

Heavy-Duty Fully-Automatic High Speed Random Case Taper

The Little David LD-16AR is a fully-automatic case sealer that's ready to process a random assortment of case sizes at speeds up to 20 cases per minute (depending on incoming height variance.)

The LD-16AR automatically makes adjustments to match the height and width of each case fed into it by a powered conveyor. Two stage operation accurately measures the case size and preadjusts the top tape head. Cases are sealed on the top and bottom with 2" or 3" tape using the latest CaseLocker 60 tape cartridges.


Fully automatic random top and bottom case sealer
Process up to 15 cases per minute. Up to 20 cases per minute can be reached depending on incoming height variance (maximum 3").
Self-centering drive belts
Dual mast construction
Removable 2" or 3" PST tape cartridges
High quality steel structure with powder coat finish
Heavy-duty bottom belt drive with horizontally mounted 1/4 HP motor
Left to right case flow
Interlocking safety gates
Built in indexing gate
150 FPM belt speed
22-1/4" conveyor height adjustable up to 28-1/4"
Fully guarded flap "kicker" device
Servo driven, ball screw linear actuator
High-precision ultrasonic sensing and linear transducer to detect case height & width
Allen Bradley MicroLogix 800 PLC
Powered roller infeed section to pre-sense case width & height (case-sizer)
1.9" diameter rollers on 2-1/2" centers

Quality Sealing

Powered top squeezers to assure major flaps meet in case center
Flight bar drive
Linear self-centering side rails


Safety monitoring relay
Safety doors automatically shut down machine when opened
Safety flags at infeed sides of powered infeed section


Automatic or manual tape selectivity feature allows omission of either or both top and bottom closures
Special paints, lacquer, enamel, epoxy, special colors, and stainless steel
Spare pressure sensitive tape cartridge
Spare parts kit
Low tape warning
No tape warning

Case Size Range

Length: 10" - 36"
Width: 5.5" - 22"
Height: 6.75" - 30"

Machine Dimensions

Width: 110" (279.4 cm)
Height: 87-3/8" (221.9 cm)

Specifications of the LD-16R

Electrical: 240 VAC, three phase
Air: 7 SCFM @ 80 psi
Weight: 1,175 lbs (680kg) uncrated

Reliable Performance Warranty

1 year all components
2 year warranty for gear reducer and motor
3 year waranty for tape cartridge
(Moving and wear parts are not included, other restrictions may apply)

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