Little David LD-XSS RTE Semi-Auto Uniform Case Sealer

Little David LDX-SS-RTE Non-Tubular Sanitary Design Stainless Steel Case Sealer for Washdown

At a Glance

  • Industry-standard taper for wash down environments
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel design
  • Open non-tubular design
  • 2 to 3 tape conversion on the floor
  • Quick-release drive belts
  • Easy access motor mounts allows for fast changover
  • Extremely durable, heavy-duty steel design

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Little David LDX-SS-RTE Non-Tubular Sanitary Design Stainless Steel Case Sealer for Washdown

Wash Down Case Taper for Sanitary Environments

Years ago Loveshaw introduced the first stainless steel case sealer specifically designed to maximize sanitation during the cleaning process. Changes in sanitation standards and new regulations within the food industry have led to the newest design of our stainless equipment, the LD-XSS RTE.

Heavy-duty stainless steel construction, fast/easy maintenance, easy clean non-tubular design, and versatility make this piece of equipment an ideal sealing solution. Especially for food processing operations that require special precautions in order to eliminate bacteria and other food borne pathogens.


Heavy-duty stainless steel construction
Open, non-tubular design
Patent pending quick-release drive belts
Easy access motor mounts for fast changeover
Angled surfaces maximize water shedding to prevent bacterial growth
Minimal overlapping joints for full access cleaning
No hollow tubular components that can breach and become contamination points
2" to 3" changeover in field
Mirror image changeover in field
Continuous belt drive: Up to 80' per minute (24.4m/min.)


Recommended spare parts kit
Spare CAC50 tape cartridge
3-Phase motor (any voltage)
Stainless steel top squeezers
Stainless steel front and rear pack tables
Stainless steel casters
NEMA 4 wiring-enclosure-switch & motor w/ epoxy gear reducer

Case Size Range

Length: 4" - infinite
Width: 4.5" - 27"
Height 4.5" - 24"
(Certain length x width x height combinations may not process)

Machine Dimensions

Width: 34.25" (87 cm)
Depth: 34.5" (85 cm)
Height: 61.5" (156 cm)


Power Requirements: 10 volts, 60 cycle, single phase. Other voltages available.
Weight: 269 lbs. uncrated

Reliable Performance Warranty

1 year all components
2 year warranty for gear reducer and motor
3 year waranty for tape cartridge
(Moving and wear parts are not included, other restrictions may apply)

Please contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 for your case sealing equipment.

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