SpanTech Spiral Cooling Conveyor

SpanTech Spiral Cooling Conveyor

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  • Cracker cooling conveyor travels 360 degrees
  • Quarter-horsepower driving chain keeps things moving
  • Lower cost solution

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SpanTech Spiral Cooling Conveyor SpanTech Spiral Cooling Conveyor Detail SpanTech Spiral Cooling Conveyor Detail

Improve a Cracker Cooling Conveying System

The SpanTech specialty Spiral Cooling Conveyor was originally designed to solve a cracker company's cooling problems.

Advanced Equipment Company & Span Tech solve the cracker conundrum with a 360-degree Spiral plastic belt curved cooling conveyor with only a quarter-horsepower motor.

The cooling conveyor travels 360-degrees around the room. Normally, drag is created between the plastic chain and the outside edge of a spiral conveyor. This drag creates friction that requires more horsepower to keep things moving. A more traditional approach would require three synchronized motors.

To lower costs, a quarter-horsepower motor driving the belt chain was installed at multiple points. This allowed the 360-degree conveyor to move to the exact timing needed by the cooling crackers – 10 feet per second – on far less horsepower than would have been used with three motors.

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