SpanTech Tray Flipping Conveyor

SpanTech Flipping Conveyor

At a Glance

  • Over/under conveyor system to flip trays
  • Increased speed and consistency on the assembly line
  • Simple and reliable solution

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SpanTech Flipping Conveyor
SpanTech Flipping Conveyor Detail
SpanTech Flipping Conveyor Detail

Reliably Flip Trays

A pharmaceutical distribution center in Sumter, South Carolina needed to flip EPS trays upright for holding test tubes.

Advanced Equipment Company and SpanTech created an over/under conveyor system with a simple guide to flip trays.

The pharmaceutical company in Sumter, South Carolina was very pleased with this simple and reliable solution for flipping trays. It increased speed and consistency on the assembly line – and continues to smoothly and consistently manage the process.

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