MFT Automation Automatic Product Loader

MFT Automation MFT 550v3 Friction Feeder

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  • Multiply product capacity
  • Maximize runtime between product reloads
  • Minimize the number of operators required to run the system
  • Keep production lines flowing

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MFT Automation MFT 550v3 Friction Feeder

Mulitply Production Capacity and Handle Irregular Product Shapes

The MFT Automation APL Automatic Product Loaders multiply product capacity of the MFT Feeder Systems. Maximize runtime between product reloads, minimize the number of operators required to run the system, and keep production lines flowing.

Multifeeder APLs are available in a variety of widths and lengths giving you the best configuration for your application requirements. Multifeeder APLs help production speeds when irregular shapes of products don't allow for a production stack height, such as packaging cartons and plastic bags.

Please contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 for your friction feeding equipment.

APL Automatic Product Loader Specifications

Capacity Multiplier Provides a larger load capacity for longer runtime between reloads
Feed-on-Demand Supplies the exact amount of product by the friction feeder
Product Control Gives the ability to load irregular product at larger capacities than standard methods
Smooth Operation 30mm support rods and linear bearings allow the APL to be easily adjusted
Less Intervention With a larger product capacity less operator intervention and operators are required

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