MFT Automation High-Speed Tipping System

MFT Automation MFT Perfect Affixing System

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  • Sustained rates of up to 500 products per minute with accuracies of up to +- 1/32nd of an inch
  • Tip products in a continuous motion without stopping
  • Significantly reduce variation in placement
  • Feed at a set speed while varying the time the feeder waits prior to feeding
  • Simply match feeder speed conveyor speed when feeding the product

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MFT Automation MFT Perfect Affixing System

High-Speed Integrated Feeding and Tipping Solutions

MFT Automation equipment is specially designed for high-performance tipping applications.

Multifeeder friction feeders utilize a 750 watt servo motor, the best in the industry, which makes their feeders strong enough for the most demanding tipping applications. Proprietary servo controls, on-board computer, and tipping software ensure that your Multifeeder system exceeds your stringent tipping requirements.

In a tipping application, a friction feeder accurately places a flat tip-on product onto another product moving underneath the feeder (usually on a conveyor). The two products will typically be affixed together using glue sprayed from a hotmelt gluing system.

Multifeeder has four primary software options to ensure that the tip-on product is accurately placed regardless of the speed of the conveyor. These options are: AccuTipping, AccuTipping Repeat, Encoder Timing Compensation, and Speed Compensation.


This is Multifeeder's most widely used method of tipping, which allows the friction feeder to tip products in a continuous motion without stopping. This option is available on both the Industrial Performance Series feeders as well as on the Signature Series feeders (in a variation known as ezTipping). The AccuTipping software is simply the best in the industry, providing the ability for tipping at sustained rates of up to 500 products per minute with accuracies of up to +- 1/32nd of an inch.

Multifeeder friction feeders are extensively integrated into the most demanding tipping applications in the packaging and printing industries. If you have a tipping application that requires high speed and/or tight accuracies, AccuTipping on a Multifeedeer should always be your first choice.

AccuTipping Repeat

This option is a variation of AccuTipping that is used to ensure that the bottom product (the one getting tipped onto) is always the same distance apart regardless of the speed of the line. We recommend using this software for feeding the bottom product in tipping systems that utilize a vacuum conveyor. This software significantly reduces the variation in placement, which can dramatically improve the performance of the overall tipping system.

Encoder Timing Compensation

This option accurately tips the product by feeding at a set speed while varying the amount of time the feeder waits prior to feeding. At full conveyor speed, the feeder will be feeding instantly (a wait time of zero). At a slow speed cutoff, the feeder will wait a full predetermined amount of time. This software is primarily used in applications where AccuTipping is impractical, such as with drop tables, and in cases where some operation needs to run prior to feeding the product.

Speed Compensation

This is the simplest form of compensation, whereby the feeder simply matches the speed of the conveyor when feeding the product. Speed compensation is typically used in cases where accuracy is less important, such as when a tip-on product needs to land in a box or between two lugs.

Modular In-Line Tipping System

Multifeeder manufactures automatic tipping systems that are used to feed a product, and then attach another item to the first product with adhesive. The in-line tipping system consists of a modular frame that can be positioned, by forklift truck, above an existing product conveyor. As the product advances below the modular frame, it is automatically sensed by the hot melt adhesive system and places adhesive onto the surface of the product.

Multifeeder's superior computer-controlled servo motor technology monitors and controls the feeding and counting process, and allows placement of the products with high accuracy. This cost-effective system presents a finished product with the promotional item attached, which can be separated by the consumer thanks to a low-tack adhesive. A variety of shapes, thicknesses, materials, and sizes can be fed automatically.

Kluge Unifold CD Tipping System

As the Kluge folder gluer machine feeds a base sheet, a hot melt glue machine applies glue to it. The MFT 250ip Friction Feeder feeds an insert into the pinch point of a pressure roller assembly to assure proper place of the insert. An optional encoder can be mounted to the folder gluer machine connected to the MFT Friction Feeder to monitor the speed of the folder gluer machine. This allows the feeder to compensate its timing to assure proper placement of the insert regardless of the speed of the folder gluer machine.

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