MFT Automation MFT Perfect Affixing System

MFT Automation MFT Perfect Affixing System

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  • Extremely accurate sub-millimeter precision placement
  • Fast with speeds up to 140 meters per minute
  • Cost-effective affordable system

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MFT Automation MFT Perfect Affixing System

Super Fast Print-and-Apply Label Applicaton

Your customers demand a high-quality product, and you demand a fast and cost-effective solution. MFT Automation meets these demands with an extremely accurate and affordable system. The MFT Perfect Affixing System is a compact, flexible, roll-up system able to combine your base and tipped products at speeds up to 140 meters per minute with sub-millimeter accuracies.

Perfect Affixing is a new technology that combines Multifeeder's proven AccuTipping algorithm with the patent-pending product handling method their innovative, computer-controlled, servo-driven secondary discharge to place your product with sub-millimeter precision at production speeds.

Whether you are tipping gift cards onto a backer, or folded leaflets, or both, the MFT Perfect Affixing System has the flexibility to meet your production requirements at a surprisingly friendly price.

Perfect Affixing Components

Base Feeder: Feeds the base product in continuous mode, batch mode, or however your production requires.
Tipping Feeder with Driven Discharge: Accurately places product with a powerful servo-driven motor and computer-controlled algorithms with sub-millimeter precision.
Driven Pressure Motor: Provides a cohesive transition of the tipped product to the base product.
Gluing: Seemlessly integrated within the system's framework with optional MFT control.
Rigid Construction: Durable carbon composite, high-grade aluminum, and stiff tubular steel is production ready.
Vacuum Track Conveyor: A powerful, high-speed servo-driven, computer-controlled Vacuum Track Conveyor is the robust system base that integrates all the components.

Optional Compnents

Automatic Product Loader: Multiplies load capacity and minimizes operator intervention.
Inspection and Reject: Verify only good product continues to the next step of production.
Shingling and Collecting: Collect finished product pefectly spaced with an add-on shingling conveyor.

Standard Features

6 inch non-rotating small profile cylinder
Heavy duty "Smart Switch"
Quick disconnect label pad
12 inch media unwind
Easy to use HMI
Designed to fit where needed
Easy to learn open thread pattern and operation
Ready inputs and outputs for system integration

Typical Applications

Product fulfillment
Contract packaging
Gift card appliacations
Finishing industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Production flexibility
When extreme accuracy is required

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