A-B-C 72AN Small Footprint Palletizer

A-B-C 72AN Small Footprint Palletizer

At a Glance

  • Compact palletizer fits limited floor space
  • Floor level palletizing with low, medium, or high level product feed
  • Open design for high visibility with full machine guarding
  • No pallet dispenser required
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A-B-C 72AN Small Footprint Palletizer
A-B-C 72AN Small Footprint Palletizer touch screen controller
A-B-C 72AN Small Footprint Palletizer pre-programmed product feed
A-B-C 72AN Small Footprint Palletizer positive load transfer
A-B-C 72AN Small Footprint Palletizer angled, reinforced transfer table
A-B-C 72AN Small Footprint Palletizer self-adjusting layer retainer sweep bar

Palletizer for Cases, Trays or Totes Features Low-Level Construction

The A-B-C 72AN small footprint palletizer is designed for plants with limited floor space or a small budget, the A-B-C 72AN palletizer is a compact and economical solution. It occupies from 10 to 30% less floor space than conventional low level palletizers and offers complete flexibility for product feed and pallet configuration. With fully automatic operation, this small footprint palletizer can increase production and eliminate the cost and liability of manual palletizing.

Machine Features

No pallet dispenser required.
Floor level palletizing with low, medium, or high level product feed.
Open design allows high visibility with full machine guarding.
Workhorse construction for reliable, long term operation.


Compact Floor Level Palletizer: The clean, open construction and floor level access points of this palletizer simplify routine maintenance. On-floor operation allows plant personnel to monitor palletizer operation while performing other tasks.

No Pallet Dispenser Required: No pallet dispenser is required for the A-B-C 72AN. Up to 5 empty pallets can be stacked in the load area for palletizing and the layers of product are automatically directed to the top pallet level. Once the load is completed, the lift truck operator simply removes the top pallet and contents, and the palletizer continues to load the next pallet; once all pallets have been loaded and removed, the operator simply stacks another set of empty pallets in the loading area and the sequence repeats.

Touch Screen Operator Panel Puts the Operator in Control: The color display shows real-time operating data and allows independent operation of all palletizing functions, diagnostics, and changeover settings. It provides an easy to follow sequence for auto and manual functions, and auto-setup for daily, shift or batch runs. Preventive maintenance messages automatically alert the operator for periodic or routine maintenance.

Positive Load Transfer: Designed for reliable and powerful load transfer, the A-B-C 72AN palletizer features a mechanical row pusher bar with a dual chain drive. It utilizes a counterweighted elevator table to ensure stable product transfer and eliminate stress on the drive motor, for longer motor life. The vertical transport is powered by a variable frequency motor drive, which eliminates shock to the product by providing a soft start and stop during load transport.

Angled, Reinforced Tranport Table Ensures Effortless Layer Transfer: The stainless reinforced elevator table is designed for the long haul. The heavy gauge stainless transfer plate is supported by crossbar reinforcing beams, reducing case friction and eliminating table load stress for case palletizing.

Pre-Programmed Product Feed and Orientation for Smooth Operation: The automatic infeed timing belt controls case spacing and infeed for proper orientation, row and gap configuration.

Features Ensures Efficient Product Transport to Palletizing: The self-adjusting layer retainer sweep bar on the 72AN palletizer compensates for product variations, to ensure a positive sweep for every load. It automatically centers each layer on the pallet, eliminating additional adjustments during changeover.

Designed for Your Palletizing Needs Today and in the Future: While each palletizer is pre-programmed for unit sizes and pallet patterns to accommodate your current requirements, new configurations and patterns are easily added at the operator console. Available upgrades include product infeed and pallet discharge alternatives, and many product orienting and accumulation options.

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