Emplex MPS 6700 Medical Validatable Band Sealer with Conveyor

Emplex MPS 6700 Medical Validatable Band Sealer with Conveyor

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  • Precise process control for temperature, pressure, speed, and seal quality
  • For packaging medical instruments, disposable items, and sterile products
  • Seals bags weighing over 2 lbs utilizing a support conveyor

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Hermetically Seal Medical Products Over 2 Pounds with Support Conveyor

Consistent, validatable sealing is crucial when packaging sterile products. Emplex MPS 6700 validatable continuous band sealers deliver precise process control for temperature, pressure, speed, and seal quality. All validatable medical systems include visual and audio alarms for deviations in heat, speed, and pressure. Standard easy to use touchscreen display provides advanced calibration, data collection, and process management control. The industrial PC provides routine preventative maintenance, troubleshooting data and many user selectable preferences in imperial or metric measurements.

The Emplex MPS 6700 offers true plug and play capabilities for any clean room or sterile packaging environment. It is a reliable, easy-to-operate, low maintenance machine with easy access to the seal section and modular components for easy expandability as production needs increase. The MPS 6700 is a continuous sealer capable of creating validatable seals at speeds up to 1000" per minute depending on bag width and thickness.

The MPS 6700 is built for bags weighing more than 2 lbs, utilizing a stainless steel, medical grade 6 inch x 6 foot conveyor and guide rails. The standard conveyor accommodates many bag sizes. Custom conveyors are available to accommodate any size bag or weight.

Modular and Customizable

Because your bag sealing needs are unique, the MPS 6700 is made to order with numerous user-selectable specifications and a comprehensive feature set. At no additional charge, you can configure your bag sealer's infeed direction, sealer orientation, sealing width, type of pressure rollers, and electrical supply.

Additional customizable options and equipment add-ons are available at competitive prices. Common upgrades include compression belts to remove ambient air or vacuum and gas flush systems for additional product protection and purity.


The MPS 6700 validatable medical sealer provides fast, precise, strong seals on tyvek, foil, poly bags and on all hermetic materials typically used for packaging medical instruments or disposable devices such as IV bags, suture kits, medical draping, bandages, gauze, and other sterile products.


Consistent, validatable sealing
Precise management and control of sealing process
Stainless steel, medical grade construction
Modular, made-to-order, user selections for electrical, infeed direction, sealer orientation, seal widths, seal band, pressure rollers
Advanced, industrial touchscreen PLC with imperial or metric settings and numerous user selectable preferences and productivity management tools
Tool-less access to sealing section
Seal band changeover in 5 minutes or less
Cool down switch prolongs life of seal bands
Clear Lexan guard for safe monitoring of seal section
Small footprint
Standalone flexibility
Plug and play
All machines tested to ANSI B-144 and CE marking standards
All parts UL/CSA approved
Continuous band sealer for optimum performance, strong seals and long life
Preventative maintenance reminders
1/4 hp PWM PMDC motor
Continuous sealer duty
Right to left or left to right infeed direction
Vertical or horizontal sealer operation
Teflon sealer band standard, stainless optional
Stainless or rubberized pressure rollers
Choice of 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" sealing width
2.75" (70mm) seal throat depth standard, 4" (101.6mm) optional
Sealing section: 10" (254mm) of heating, 10" (254mm) of cooling
Variable speed up to 1000" (25m) per minute
Temperature range up to 392F (200C)
SPL: 60 db
304 stainless steel frame and legs, extended height optional
Wipe down standard


Bag top trimmer
Exair trim scrap removal system
Emboss coder
Ink jet printers
Robotic handling systems
Heavy duty or specialized conveyors


Electrical: 115/230 volts, 12 amps, 50/60hz
Air: No air required