Rennco 301 Vertical L-Bar Sealer

Rennco 301 Vertical L-Bar Sealer

At a Glance

  • Ideal for bagging cylindrical products
  • Bags up to a 18 x 24 inches
  • Up to 30 bags per minute
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Rennco 301 Vertical L-Bar Sealer
Rennco 301 Vertical L-Bar Sealer
Rennco 301 Vertical L-Bar Sealer
Rennco 301 Vertical L-Bar Sealer Drawing

Quickly Bag Cylindrical Products

The Rennco 301 Vertical L-Bar Sealer provides substantial film and cost savings on bagging cylindrical and other products that are longer than they are wide.

The Rennco 301 is ideal for packaging products in bags up to a 18" x 24".

The 301 is a versatile, easy-to-operate bagger that includes a user-friendly HMI screen for simple product changeover. With a wide range of available options, the Rennco 301 Vertical L Bar packager is an excellent solution to package your products in centerfolded roll stock material rather than high-cost pre-made bags.

All Rennco Vertical L Bar Sealers are equipped with a constantly-heated, coated seal bar sealing assembly for smokeless, odorless sealing. This unique sealing system seals polyethylene and polyolefin films without change parts allowing customers the flexibility to use both films.


Up to 30 bags per minute
Versatile packager for medium sized products up to 18" x 24"
Easy to operate with quick, easy changeover
Significant material cost savings over pre-made bags
User-friendly HMI including programmable changeover
Easily interfaced with infeed systems
Wide range of available options


Constant heat coated seal system
Uptime seal jaw
Tool-less film guides
Leg and height adjustments
Light screen cycling mechanism and perimeter interlocked guarding
Trim wind up

Example Products

Hardware kits
Water bottles
Tissue paper
Air fresheners
Puzzle pieces
Paint rollers
Medical products
Drink mugs
License plates


Bucket horizontal conveyor
Bucket incline conveyor
Tri bar seal system
Low energy seal system
Adjustable jaw opening
Multiple control platforms
Jaw guards
Pin perforator
Electric eye film registration
Header sealer
Static eliminator
Film cart
Powered film cradle
Trim break detection eye
Large trim wind up
Spare assemblies & parts kits
Servo film feed
Easy open perforator
Single 1/4" hole punch
Oblong hole punch
Pick & place removal system
12" discharge conveyor
18" discharge conveyor
Bag release for lightweight product

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Machine foot print63.125"W x 69"L x 73"H (89" top of light tower)
Standard vertical seal14"
Standard horizontal seal24"
Standard jaw opening9.75"
Electrical requirements240 v, 60 HZ, 3 ph, 15 amps*
Air requirements.16 CFM per machine cycle at 80 PSI**

*Special electrics available upon request
**CFM will vary depending on added options

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