Kayat 601-T / 801-T Continuous-Motion Shrink Bundlers

Kayat 601-T / 801-T Continuous-Motion Shrink Bundling Systems

At a Glance

  • Continuous-motion shrink bundling systems
  • Servo controls allow for tool-less changeovers
  • Wraps up to 80 bundles per minute

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Kayat 601-T / 801-T Continuous-Motion Shrink Bundling Systems
Kayat 601-T / 801-T Continuous-Motion Shrink Bundling Systems

Shrink Bundling Up to 80 Packages per Minute

Kayat 601-T and 801-T continuous-motion shrink bundling systems are designed for beverage, food and non-food industries. Built to handle a wide range of products, these shrink systems wrap up to 60 and 80 packs per minute, respectively.

Servo controls allow for a tool-less changeover to other container sizes and formats.

These shrink bundling machines wrap pre-formed trays of product with shrink film. Bottom overlap seal technology is utilized for stronger and better product presentation. Printed, registered film handling can be selected as an option.

The absence of seal bar provides the machine with very low maintenance, less downtime and minimum moving parts. Only one film roll is required. Both machines are equipped with a second film mandrel with a quick splice feature to ensure minimal down-time when changing film rolls. The PLC controlled servo-driven film cut, film feed and film wrap ensures perfect synchronization of machine components.


Allen Bradley Servo drives film cut, film feed and film wrap ensures perfect synchronization of machine components
Film blower adjustment package
Quick changeover to other sizes by servo driven controls
Easy operation and maintenance through operator interface
Right or left hand operator station as preferred
Accommodation for second 20" roll of film and weld bar for fast film splicing
Highly efficient heat tunnel with 4" of high temperature insulation and Watlow SCR Solid state power stage
Tunnel clear out capability in the event of power failure
Allen Bradley three color stack light display
Lighted area surrounding the film feed/shear assembly
UL approved panel, including appropriate labeling
One complete set of machine documentation and manuals
Static bar

Features and Benefits

Heavy-duty rugged construction
Centralized lubrication system
Automatic speed regulation
Simple operation is provided by a full color panel view
Compact footprint
Easy integration to other equipment
Dual roll film mandrels for quick film changeover


Spare parts kit
UL Listed or CSA Listed
Special elevation parts
NEMA 4X control panel, junction boxes
Seimens controls available upon request
Film loading dolly
Option to handle printed and registered film
Cooling fan at tunnel discharge


Canned goods

Pack Sizes

Width Length Height
Min 5"/ 127mm 5"/ 127mm 1.75" / 44mm
Max 20"/ 508mm 15" / 381mm 13" / 330mm

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