Arpac Quick Connect Infeeds

Arpac Quick-Connect infeeds are a cost effective solution for operations that handle a variety of packaging applications. These modular infeed conveyors are completely interchangeable with all Arpac horizontal shrink wrappers giving you the flexibility of running multiple products on one system.

Quick-Connect infeeds are automatically recognized by Arpac shrink wrappers. All machine programs and parameters are automatically adjusted when Quick-Connect infeeds are plugged in or changed. Because film feeds stay with the modular shrink wrappers, Arpac Quick-Connect infeeds are more compact and cost-effective than others in the marketplace.

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Arpac Flighted Lugged Infeed

Flighted lugged infeed with available servo drive for print-registered film.

Arpac Flight Bar Infeed

Flight bar, dual-chain driven infeed with available roller bed

Arpac Top Belt Pacing Infeed

Top belt pacing infeed runs trays of snack foods.

Arpac Dual Belt Pacing Infeed

Dual-belt pacing infeed runs up to 50 packages per minute

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